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When Lord Vishnu Visited The Mrityu Loka

By Ishi

Lord Vishnu once thought of visiting the Mrityu Loka. As he discussed it with Goddess Lakshmi, she expressed her wish of accompanying him to the Mrityu Loka.


However, Lord Vishnu said it was not safe for her to go to that place since she did not know all the rules of the place. However, Goddess Lakshmi still requested him to take her along.


1. Lord Vishnu And Goddess Lakshmi Proceeding Towards Mrityu Loka

Seeing that Goddess Lakshmi was desperate enough, he asked her to follow all his instructions there without fail. He said that she should not violate any rule and should also not take any decision on her own. Lest unwanted situations might arise.

The Goddess consented and both proceeded towards Mrityu Loka. Following his orders diligently, the Goddess just quietly walked observing the surroundings as Lord Vishnu did. After covering some distance, Lord Vishnu told her to wait there only until he came back. The Goddess agreed to this.

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3. The Goddess Saw A Garden Of Fruits

She walked a little more and saw a beautiful garden of fruits. She plucked one fruit and ate it. At once, she realised that Lord Vishnu was coming towards her from the opposite direction. It was just then she realised that she was told not to take any decision all by herself.


4. When Lord Vishnu Came

As Lord Vishnu came, he told her that the field was just an illusion and that it represented the field of a farmer on earth, who was a very good humane and generous person. He also told her that whosoever took fruits from his farm without his due permission would get the punishment of serving the farmer's needs for twelve years. Thus Goddess Lakshmi was asked to stay in the farmer's house for twelve years.

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