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What Krishna Did When Brahma Abducted His Friends


The interesting anecdotes from the lives of Lord Krishna have always been an inspiration for us. There are stories about his love with Radha, which are today a source of inspiration for millions. The various stories about his mischievous behaviour, and the way he used to make it so complicated for his mother to deal with the ladies in Gokul, whose butter he would steal away; the way he used to rescue his friends and the people of Gokul when they were in trouble, are no less than wonders.

For example, when he lifted the Mount Govardhan on the little finger alone, it made people realize that he was really a divine incarnation on Earth. The way he has always protected his devotees in times of trouble strengthen the devotion in the hearts of his devotees.

There is another such incident which tells what he did when Krishna's friends were abducted.

While He Was Playing With His Friends

Once, amidst the beauty of the garden of Gokul, Krishna was playing with his friends. The joy that was spread there, could not keep Lord Brahma, who had been witnessing them, from interfering. Lord Brahma was so impressed to see Krishna playing with the cows along with the other boys that he at once thought of testing Krishna's love for them.

Grabbing the opportunity when Krishna was not around, Lord Brahma abducted his friends as well as the cows and went away. He believed Krishna would not know where they had gone and thus his love for them will be tested through his reaction. He did not realize that Krishna is the almighty who is omniscient. He knows the past as well as the future. No place, no person or no intentions are hidden from him.

Brahma Abducted The Boys And The Cows

Brahma kept all of them in the Yoganidra. Yoganidra is a state when the person who is in it, does not know what happens around. Hence, they would not know where and by whom they were being taken away. Also, the person forgets the incident once he is out of that meditative state.

However, Krishna had already sensed the intentions of Lord Brahma when he had been witnessing them from the Dev Loka (place where Gods live). What he was more worried about was the parents of his friends. But he is the almighty, the supreme power, and the invincible, who can do even the impossible. In order to make sure that the parents are not worried, he divided himself into many and took the form of his friends as well as the cows.

Brahma Came To See Krishna Again

While Brahma waited for a few days for Krishna, Krishna gave no reactions to the situation, just to make Brahma wonder on what had happened. Brahma had no idea that not one but many Krishnas were living in the houses of Gokul by then.

When, after waiting for a few days, no response came, he again sat to see Gokul through the divine vision from Dev Loka. And much to his surprise, the kids that he had abducted were already there safe in their homes. At once, he was perplexed to see this, however, he later realized the mysterious role that Krishna had played behind it.

Brahma Realized That Krishna Loves All

Lord Brahma, realizing that he is Vishnu, the nurturer of the universe who had taken the form of Krishna, laughed at his intentions of testing him. He sent all the boys and the cows to Gokul and brought them out of the meditative state, the Yoganidra.

The way he was worried about the parents of the boys, was no less than a proof for how he cares for all. Now, Brahma knew that Krishna is the supreme, the knower of all and the one who not only loves the devotees but also protects them in all situations.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 13:30 [IST]
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