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The Five Big Facts Shiva Told Parvati


Goddess Sati, in her second life, was born as Goddess Parvati. Parvati was the daughter of King Himavat and Queen Maina. Marrying Shiva was her childhood dream. Even Narad Muni had predicted that she would marry Lord Shiva. Her love for Shiva went on increasing as the years went by. After a long penance and a lot of difficulties, she got married to Lord Shiva.

Shiva was a sage with a high intellect and supreme knowledge. He would often share his knowledge and experiences with Goddess Parvati. He would tell her about the mysteries of the universe and the reasons behind the plight of the people. We have brought to you five important things from the knowledge Lord Shiva shared with Goddess Parvati. Take a look.

The Biggest Evil And The Biggest Good

Lord Shiva told Goddess Parvati that the real goodness is associated with truth. One must always speak the truth, as truth alone prevails forever. It is what the universe is based upon.

Similarly, one must abstain from speaking a lie. It is the worst and the most sinful act ever done by a man. One lie leads to many such lies in the future. The man finally gets trapped in the cycle and becomes a sinner.

When one decides to abstain from speaking a lie, he will strive to remove the need for speaking a lie. He will strive to make no mistakes and take up no sinful decisions, to hide which he might have to take a refuge in the kingdom of ever-increasing lies.

Be A Witness To Your Own Self

Man often commits a 'Paap' (a sinful act) in the disbelief that nobody is watching him. He forgets that it is a mere illusion. Shiva says that a man must be his own witness. When he accepts that his soul is watching him do wrong, he must abstain from doing that wrong, as nobody can escape from oneself or one's soul. He will hold fear from his own soul, which he knows can see him commit the sin.

Never Do These Three Things

There are three ways of committing a sin - through your mind, through your speech and through the actions. All three are highly sinful and must be abstained from.

Lord Shiva says that a man should never do such a thing, which has been prohibited in the Shastras, never even in the mind. One should never hurt another man through his words. He might have to suffer the consequences not only in this life but in the afterlife as well.

Road To Success

This world is an entrapment into the materialistic life. It lures a man towards the temporary pleasures. These pleasures are a mere illusion and are not permanent. One needs to come out of this illusion in order to be successful. People in this world get attached to a thing or other persons in such a way that they could sacrifice anything for its sake. This is what becomes a major reason for failure. Hence, in order to achieve success, one must stay away from temporary pleasures.

The Biggest Game Changer For Life

Man runs after his pleasures because he is greedy. Greed for money, greed for love, greed for fame, etc., all these become roadblocks in the way of spiritual progress. While all these are a part of and a necessity for life, one must make sure that they are not possessed in excess.

Lord Shiva says the best way to balance these in life is through meditation and yoga. This is where spirituality comes into play. It helps the man come closer to oneself, who is a part of the supreme power, the almighty.

It also helps keep the desire balanced for the fruits of the action that we are bound to do as a part of Karma. A balanced mind always works better. Thus, spirituality becomes a big game changer for those who are blindly running after the results of their actions and desires.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 19:45 [IST]
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