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Revati's Desire To Marry The Mightiest Of All: Revati Balarama Story


There was a king named Kakudmi. His only daughter, who was named Revati, was so skilled and his own kingdom so vast and prosperous that no prince seemed to match her. Moreover, she wanted to marry the mightiest man on earth. Every other day, the king used to meet a prince, but in vain. The beauty of the princess and the huge kingdom found no match.

Kakudmi Pleased Lord Brahma

Finally, when he could not a find a man for her, he decided to approach Lord Brahma. He performed yagnas to please Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma was soon pleased and appeared before the Kakudmi and asked him what his desire was.

The king, not wanting to discuss the matter before the priests, asked Brahma that he be permitted to visit him in his abode. He explained that he wanted to have a private meeting.

The King Met Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma gave him a boon that he could visit him in the Devaloka once and gave him the powers to visit him. The king, after a few days, went to Brahma's abode along with his daughter. When they reached, he found that a court proceeding was going on. Not wanting to disturb the meeting, he decided to wait for some time and proceeded further when the court proceedings were over.

When he met Lord Brahma, he explained the whole matter to him. Hearing this, Lord Brahma got worried. The reason for his worries being that a moment in his abode was equal to one yuga( yuga refers to the ages of mankind; Satyuga, Dwaparyuga, Tretayuga, Kalyuga) on earth. This meant that the girl had become as old as a yuga, and the whole empire of the king too had vanished.

This worsened the matter even more for Kakudmi and his daughter. By this time Satyuga had passed and Dwapar Yuga had started on the earth. This brought tears to the eyes of the king as well as his daughter.

Brahma Advised Them To Meet Krishna

The king asked Lord Brahma to find a solution to the problem. Since Satyga had passed, and all the kings and their kingdoms along with the princes of her age had died, Lord Brahma told them that the yuga of Krishna had started. In this yuga, Lord Vishnu had taken birth as Krishna, the son of Vasudev and Devaki.

He advised them to visit Krishna there. The king, with his daughter, was sent to earth by Lord Brahma. As told by Brahma, they met Lord Krishna and presented the matter before him. With tears in his eyes, Lord Krishna smiled at the king, assured him that he need not worry, and told them to meet him the next day again. Thus, the king and the princess left for the day and came back again the next day.

Krishna Met Balarama

In the meantime, Krishna had discussed the matter with Balarama, his elder brother. He told the king that a man so suitable for the girl was there, unlike anyone he would have found in the Satyuga. Krishna had asked Balarama to marry the beautiful girl of the king Kakudmi. The king was delighted to hear that it was Balarama who would marry her. Hence, Revati and Balarama got married.

According to another story, she was Jyotishmati, the daughter of Chakshush, in her previous life. She was born when Chakshush had performed a holy yagna. The girl, being a divine energy in the form of his daughter, demanded that she should be married to the mightiest of all.

When the king approached Indra considering him as the mightiest, he directed him to Lord Vayu, who in turn directed him to Parvat. Parvat yet directed him to Bhumandal. Bhumandal further advised him to approach Sheshnag, the serpent of Lord Vishnu. However, she was once cursed by Lord Indra that she would not have sons.

She performed a hard penance to please Lord Brahma. When pleased, he blessed her that she will be married to Balarama, the mightiest of all, but also warned her that Balram would be born in the Dwapara Yuga. Displeased at it, the girl was about to curse Brahma, when he blessed her saying her father's actions will lead to the passage of the Satyuga Yuga and the arrival of Dwapara Yuga in a while.

Hence, she was born as Revati, the daughter of Kakudmi and got married to Balarama.

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Story first published: Friday, July 6, 2018, 12:30 [IST]
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