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Lesser Known Love Stories From The Mahabharata

By Ishi

Mahabharata is the largest epic and a holy book in Hinduism. It serves as a complete guide, for all kinds of situations relating to all spheres of life. This time, we have brought to you few love stories fromthe largest epic in the world. The story of Radha and Krishna is not new to anyone. In fact theirs is the most beautiful and the purest form of love that has ever existed on the Earth. It was a divine love, a relationship of two souls and not two bodies. It was all because of the love of the highest order, that today Radha's name comes before Krishna, while denoting the couple.

The story of Rukmani's marriage to Krishna too, is nothing new. Rukmani wanted to marry Krishna. On the day when she was being forcibly married to some other king by her father, she prayed to Krishna and requested him to marry her. They eloped and got married. However, there are some other stories, which only a few people know. Take a look.

Arjuna and Subhadra Love Story

Arjuna and Gada were both students at the Ashrama of Guru Dronacharya. As they were friends, they often used to visit each other's houses. When Arjuna was once on a visit to Gada's house, he was taken to Subhadra's palace. As Subhadra and Arjun saw each other, they fell in love.

Later Arjuna and Subhadra got married. But Arjuna was already married to Droupadi.However, when he took Subhadra to his house, she initially did not tell Droupadi that she was Arjuna's wife. She revealed it only when both of them had become good friends.

Rishi Parashar and Satyavati Love Story

Parashar was a famous sage, who had obtained divine powers through immense practice and deep penance. Satyavati was the daughter of a fisherman, named Dashraja. One day Rishi Parashar happened to board her boat. Seeing the beauty of Satyavati, he fell in love with her.

When he expressed his emotions before her, she presented three conditions before Rishi Parashar, which were: 1. nobody should see them during the sexual intercourse, 2. her virginity should not be affected and 3. the fishy odour that she had should be changed into a fragrance. Parashar accepted all three conditions. He made a divine cover around them, ensured her that her virginity will be restored once the baby was born and changed her odour into a soothing fragrance, which could be recognized from a distance. Satyavati gave birth to Vedvyas.

Satyavati And Shantanu Love Story

Due to her fragrance that could travel very far, Shantanu was attracted towards her. On following the fragrance, he found Satyavati sitting in the boat. He asked her to drop him to the other bank of the river. As they reached the bank, he asked her to take him back. This continued till the evening. Finally, Shantanu expressed his desire to marry her. She too, had similar feelings but explained that her father had a desire which he might not be able to fulfill. It is believed that Shantanu fulfilled all the conditions and married Satyavati.

Arjuna And Ulupi Love Story

Ulupi was a Naga princess. Having fallen for Arjuna, she got him captured. He was also practicing 'brahmacharya' at that time, which means he had to stay away from females. However, Ulupi made him agree to fulfill her desires. Later she even gave him the boon that nothing could attack him in water.

Hidimba And Bhima Love Story

Hidimba was a Narabhansaka and Bhima was the son of Kunti. Hidimba fell in love with Bhima. They got married and stayed together for some time. However, Bhima abandoned her later. She gave birth to Ghatotkachh, and brought him up all alone.

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