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How was Goddess Lakshmi Born?


It is known about Goddess Lakshmi that she is the goddess of wealth, and that whosoever she favors, would be blessed with prosperity throughout the life. Not only money, but success and respect in the society too go on favoring him.

Similarly, if she decides to leave, the person might become devoid of everything, even the basic needs. Well, do you know how this deity, who is so sensitive, was born? Here is the story behind the birth of Goddess Lakshmi, read on.

Lord Vishnu Cursed By Rishi Durvasa

According to the Indra Purana, Rishi Durvasa had offered a pushpmala to Lord Indra. He, in turn, dishonored the present. Upset by the dishonor, Rishi Durvasa cursed Lord Indra that he would be without Shree - shree means prosperity, which Goddess Lakshmi brings.

Result Of The Curse

As a result of the curse, Goddess Lakshmi left Indra's abode and went to Mahalakshmi. Lord Indra is the king of the Gods. Therefore, the whole of the heaven and the even Mrityuloka had to suffer when Goddess Lakshmi left the place.

Gods Approached Lord Brahma

Unable to decide what should be done, Lord Indra along with the other Gods approached Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma took them to Baikuntha where Lord Vishnu was staying. When he came to know about the problem, Lord Vishnu advised them to churn the milk of the sea with the help of the Asuras, the Demons. He told that upon doing this, they will get Goddess Lakshmi back as the Sindhu Kanya.

Gods Talk To The Demons

The Gods went to the Asuras and told them that the treasures are inside the Sea, which they can extract upon churning the milk of ocean. They also told them that a vessel of nectar would also be there. Upon drinking the water of which, they will all become immortal. Lured by these, the Demons too agreed.

The Samudra Manthan

All the Gods and Demons began churning the milk. They took the hill of Mandrachal. While they were near the mountain, they observed it going down and realized that it was sinking. Soon, Lord Vishnu appeared in his one of the most famous avatars - Kachhap - and bore the mountain on his back.

The king of the serpents, Vasuki, was tied around the mountain. While the mouth was held by the Gods, its tail was held by the demons. Later, the demons wanted to hold it from the mouth. So, they changed places.

Lord Shiva Drank The Poison

It is believed that the first thing that came out while churning was, a poison named Halaahal. Lord Vishnu drank the poison and held it in his throat. That is how he became blue in color, as believed in Hinduism.

Thereafter, many valuable items, including the fourteen gems came out while churning the milk of the ocean.

Goddess Lakshmi Appears

Finally, appeared the Goddess. It is believed that all the Gods and the Demons were spellbound on seeing this divine beauty. Lord Indra then gave her the divine throne.

Lord Vishvakarma then offered her the Lotus and the Sea offered her a yellow dress. The Goddess then looked at all of them, her eyes searching for Lord Vishnu. She then finally saw him and offered the Pushpamala that she carried to the deity.

According to another legend, Goddess Lakshmi is the daughter of Rishi Bhrigu and Khyati. Goddess Parvati's father King Daksh and Rishi Bhrigu were brothers. Just as Goddess Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva, similarly, Goddess Lakshmi wanted to marry Lord Vishnu. She sat besides a sea and worshiped Lord Vishnu. Appeased by her prayers, Lord Vishnu accepted the Goddess as his wife. This is how Goddess Lakshmi was born and is known as the Goddess of wealth.

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