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How Lord Rama Brought His Father's Crown Back


We all know that Lord Rama was sent in exile for three days because of his own mother Kaikeyi. Why would a mother ever do that? Here is the reason. King Dasharatha's Crown was the real reason behind it. Read on.

King Dasharath had three queens, Sumitra, Koushalya and Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi was well versed in warship and often used to accompany King Dasharath during battles.

Bali Takes Away The Royal Crown

Once King Dasharatha and Bali were fighting a battle. Bali had a boon, according to which he would extract all the powers of a person. He tried this boon on King Dasharatha, and harassed all of his powers. Queen Kaikeyi was also present with the King during the battle. When Bali became victorious, he presented two conditions before the king, according to which he asked him to either leave his Crown or his wife, Kaikeyi, with him. King Dasharatha left the crown after his defeat and went to Ayodhya, along with his wife, Queen Kaikeyi.

Tensed Queen Kaikeyi

However, since that day, Kaikeyi used to remain unhappy and worried regarding the royal crown. She wanted the Raghukul (the clan that King Dasharatha belonged to) to regain its social respect, as no king is respected without his crown. Tensed Kaikeyi, one day, realized the promise that King Dasharatha had once made to her. According to the promise, the King had to fulfill one of her wishes.

Lord Rama's Exile

Little relaxed to recall the promise, she decided that the time had come when she should present her wish before the king. She knew that Rama, was the most capable person to get the royal crown back. He was equally versed in warship and moral values, which will help him defeat Bali and get the crown back. However, it was a time when King Dasharatha had decided for the coronation of Lord Rama, who would replace him to acquire the throne.

Kaikeyi, in order to avoid Rama from becoming the new king, asked that he be sent in exile (so that he could get the crown back) and that her son Bharath would be the chosen successor of King Dasharatha.

The Kingdom Condemned The Queen's Demand

This demand of hers was a big surprise for the whole kingdom. Everybody questioned her love for Lord Rama. People held the fact that she was the step mother, responsible for such an attitude of hers. However, the real reason was that Lord Rama was the only one who could help regain the long lost crown as well as the respect of the kingdom. For this aim, Kaikeyi took the whole blame on herself.

Lord Rama Accepted The Order

Bharath himself argued against his mother's wish and denied to become the king, for he knew that his brother was the most deserving person for the throne after his father. He could never think of harassing something that was destined for his brother Lord Rama, whom he respected the most. On the other hand, when Lord Rama came to know about the promise that his father had made long back, he happily agreed to leave the kingdom and spend the next fourteen years of his life in exile. It was his respect for the morals, the respect for his father and that for his step mother, Kaikeyi, that he decided to accept fourteen years of exile.

Later, Kaikeyi told Lord Rama about the royal crown which she wanted him to get back. The responsible son, Lord Rama, left the kingdom, following his destiny.

Lord Rama Met Bali And Sugriva, The Two Brothers

While in exile, Lord Rama met Bali and Sugriva, the two brothers. Lord Rama had saved Sugriva, the good fellow from Bali. The first thing he asked after saving him, was about his father's crown. But as Sugriva told, Ravana had harassed the Royal Crown of Ayodhya King, from Bali. He even told that as a remedy, his son Angad could get it back from Ravana, provided if Lord Rama accepts him as his devotee. Lord Ramaa, agreed, after which Angad proceeded for Lanka, with the aim of getting the crown.

Angad Got the Crown Back

Now, when Angad reached Lanka and was brought as an ambassador of Lord Rama to the court of Ravana, he challenged all the courtiers to move his leg, which he kept stiffly on the floor, and prove their prowess. As is obvious, Angad was very powerful and known for his strength. When nobody could move his leg, the Lanka king, Ravana himself stepped down the throne to win the challenge. As he bent down to move his leg, Sugriva grasped the opportunity, grabbed the crown and flew away, carrying it in his clutches. Justice to Ayodhya and the respect of the Ayodhya king thus returned.

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