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Who Gave Birth To Lord Shiva

By Ajanta Sen

According to the Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva is considered to be the destroyer. He also considered to be amongst the most eminent ones in the mythological Holy Trinity. The other two belonging to the Holy Trinity are the Creator, Lord Brahma, and the protector, Lord Vishnu.

The Hindus follow a number of rituals in order to impress Lord Shiva. He has a unique appearance which fascinates all his devotees. He has three eyes, he is covered in ash, snakes coil all around his arms and head, and he wears the skin of elephants and tigers, moreover, he is away from all the social pretenses. Lord Shiva is also known for the proverbial anger that he has.

Birth Of Lord Shiva

The Hindus believe that the birth of Lord Shiva is an interesting legend. According to the legend, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were having a very heated argument.

They were discussing who among the both of them were stronger and more powerful. When this discussion was going on, a blazing pillar started to appear, and the roots and the tips of the pillar were not visible.

The roots started penetrating deep into the soil, and the tip of the pillar started piercing the skies. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were amazed at this sight and they kept on wondering as to what this entity was that started to land there in a very challenging manner in between the supremacy of the Lords.

Their argument stopped instantly, and they were busy deciphering what this entity could be. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma set on their respective ways to find out the two ends of the pillar.

Lord Brahma turned himself into a bird and started locating the top of the pillar, and Lord Vishnu into a wild boar, to look for the roots. The search continued for ages and both of them could not decipher what the entity was.

After this attempt, they came back and started feeling humbled. When they were back, they found out that Lord Shiva was manifesting right in front of their eyes in a certain form, which was easier for them to understand and comprehend.

They started to feel the existence and the great power of Lord Shiva. They also realized that this power was far beyond the understanding that they had. They started to believe that Lord Shiva was a lot more powerful in comparison to the both.

This is when they realized that a third power which was mightier, also ruled over the entire universe. Lord Shiva has no parents according to the mythology. He is known as Anaadi, which means that He is a lot beyond birth and also death.

Lord Shiva And His Lifestyle

All the Hindus are aware of the fact that Lord Shiva is not just any ordinary God. He is well-known for his mysterious ways and habits. These ways cannot be interpreted easily by all the definitions and norms of the earth. There are multiple roles performed by him that are known to wield a power which is very strong. Lord Shiva feels delighted to occupy the cremation grounds. Lord Shiva also has a dress code, which seems to be his favourite that is the skull garlands and the animal skin.

Lord Shiva is considered to be a very ferocious one by his devotees, but he is also known for another very mysterious side that he has.

He spends hour after hour in meditation in the Himalayas. He has a stillness in Him along with the angry nature, which makes it difficult for the devotees to recognize his true form. He is also engaged in a divine dance in which he tends to play around with the five important elements, namely, water, earth, sky, fire, and the air.

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Story first published: Monday, November 13, 2017, 12:55 [IST]
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