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The Self Is The Self Of All-Hindu Story on Jada Bharata

The self is the essence of all that is created. Read a short Hindu story on Jada Bharata which, conveys this spiritual truth.


The essence of one's own self is the essence of all. A short Hindu story reflects the truth.

Jada Bharata was an unusual child born with the knowledge of the absolute truth. This knowledge had enabled him to look into his past lives as well. Being aware of the miseries that he underwent in the past lives and to put an end to the cycle of birth and death he decided to keep mum and meditate on the truth. He chose to a silent life as early as a normal child could begin to talk. It was only too normal for Jada Bharata's family to conclude that he was mute but also dumb with regards to worldly affairs. They also decided that he was not fit for marriage or to take up a job.

When Jada Bharata's father died, his brothers divided the property amongst themselves with nothing left for him. Jada Bharata hence lived with his brothers doing odd jobs for them. One day as he sat under a tree resting, he came across the king being transported to his summer palace in his palanquin. Since one of the palanquin bearers suddenly fell ill, the King signalled to Jada Bharata to substitute the other.


Jada Bharata jumped up readily and volunteered to carry the palanquin. Now Jada Bharata was a very compassionate soul. He could not step over small creatures like worms and ants in the course of transporting the king. Hence the palanquin started to sway irregularly.

The king who was annoyed with Jada Bharata, chided, “You clumsy fellow!, Have you grown tired in such a short while?

Jada Bharata who was believed to be mute replied, “Whom are you actually terming as 'clumsy,' when everything in the world is yourself and when everything is the self? Can the self ever be tired and needs to take rest?"

It did not take a minute for the startled king to jump out of the palanquin. He bowed low to Jada Bharata and sought his pardon.

He enquired, “Who are you oh sage? You are aware of the truth, the Brahman. Kindly instruct me!"

The self is the self of all and the realisation of this spiritual truth is enlightenment.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 16:46 [IST]
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