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Being Yourself Always-Osho

Osho explains on 'being yourself' at all times through an annecdote from his own life.

Osho, while at school as a small boy, happened to see a wresteling competition, conducted district wise. He refelcts on that match in order to educate his followers on the importance of 'being yourself'.

The most famous wrestler who was to become a champion, lost to an ordinary man who did have any kind of a recognition.

The wrestler's defeat was shocking to the whole crowd, which burst out laughing after a while. The wrester too joined the crowd in laughter. His laughter was uproarious and the crowd wondered at his most unexpected reaction.

Osho, later approached the wrestler and said, “This is strange and I loved it. It was totally unexpected"

The man replied, “It was totally unexpected and that is why I also laughed. I had never imagined that I would be defeated by an ordinary man. I found the whole thing ridiculous and thats why I laughed"

Years later, when Osho visited that town, where the man lived, the wrestler, who was an old man came to meet him. He told Osho, “Do you remember me? As a small child you came up to me and said, 'You are the real winner and the other is defeated. You have defeated the whole crowd' Since then I have not been unable to forget your face as well."

Osho says that he was unable to forget the man who laughed and clapped his hands in the crowd, participating.

Osho goes on to say, that it requires tremendous courage to 'be yourself' in success and failure, praise and condemnation.

When one knows his true self, such courage, which facilitates one to be himself at all phases emerges.

Source: 'Far beyond stars'

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Story first published: Thursday, January 20, 2011, 15:04 [IST]
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