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Buddhahood Is All Encompassing

Buddhahood is all encompassing. A short zen story reveals the truth.

Basho was grieving at the death of his master. Basho was an enlightened soul and an aesthetic being. He took interest in painting and writing poems as well.

Basho's disciples were astonished at their master's grief, with tears rolling down his cheeks. They approached him and said, “Master, you are an enlightened being, why do you cry? You were the one who taught us that there is no death and the inner most core lives forever. This is not the end of your master, he has moved out of his earthly frame to the universal body of God. So why do you weep?

Basho, replied, “This is not your business. I am crying because I am at grief of my beloved master's death. I cannot pretend, in contrast to my inner feelings. I do not care what people think of me; that an enlightened person should break down this way"

Basho continued, “I have taught you that the soul is immortal and that only the body disappears. That is why I am crying. I am aware of his soul merging with the infinite, but what of his form? I am crying for his form, which I will not be seeing henceforth, as he has adorned formlessness"

The master continued, “I will not be able to look into his eyes, hold his hands or touch his feet. I am crying for it. I do not care whether people call be enlightened or not enlightened, which is their business. Who cares?"

Buddhahood is not sterile. It is total, without negation, even the relative. It is all encompassing.

Story first published: Monday, November 29, 2010, 17:46 [IST]
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