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An Encounter With A Devil

By Staff

One's own deeds determines one's own life.

There was a lady who lived with her son in their ancestral home with the other relatives. On account of successive deaths as many as eight in a month wrought by a disembodied spirit that haunted the house, the lady fled the place with her little son.

Years rolled on and when the son grew up, he enquired his mother of their ancestral origin and asked if they had run away from their native as others claim. The mother then narrated the frequent deaths in the family due to the spirit and said that it was not good to stay in such a haunted house. The son however was very keen on returning back to their ancestral home. He pacified his mother saying that no harm will befall them just because there was consequent deaths.

The mother then agreed to the son's proposal and the both of them returned to their ancestral home. The mother made it a point to offer some food for the devil in order to appease it so as to not to bring about any calamity to her son and her. Only after that, did they both eat their meal. One day the mother cooked the favourite dish of her son. As usual she laid a portion aside for the devil. The son who was curious about the whole thing, told the mother that it was absurd to feed the spirit that had fed on her own kith and kin. Also as it was his favourite dish, he was not sharing it with the devil. The mother however warned him to keep away from the devil's wrath.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 1, 2009, 14:48 [IST]
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