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Women's Day 2021: 11 Savage Replies You Can Throw At People Who Body Shame Women

No two people are the same and they differ in many ways. We cannot deny that different people have different body shapes and sizes. As humans, we need to understand that it is quite rude to mock someone for their body type. Still, people do not understand this and go on judging them and giving mean advice, especially to women.

It looks like women ought to fulfil the beauty standards set by society. At times, people do not care about what women might feel when they are subjected to body shaming. But if you are looking forward to giving mouth-shutting replies to those who do not refrain from body shaming, then read on.

1. "You Shouldn't Wear Crop Tops"- And you shouldn't give your unsolicited advice every now and then.

2. "You Are Exposing Your Skin"- Don't you think, you too should stop exposing your unwelcomed opinions and advice. After all, it will expose your mean mentality.

3. "I think you must not wear these prints"- And who are you to say this? A fashion designer?

4. "Don't You Exercise To Lose Weight"- Nope, I don't. Instead I prefer practicing how to tolerate people like you.

5. "You Are Too Fat To Eat Pizza"- Oh I am sorry that I forgot you were an expert on what else I must not eat. Hang on, let me note it down.

6. "You Should Undergo A Surgery To Remove Excess Fat"- Well, I think you should consider undergoing eye surgery to see how happy and comfortable I am with my body.

7. "Try Wearing Some Loose Clothes"- Didn't anyone tell you to see a psychiatrist as you always pretend to be a fashion designer.

8. "I Thought It Was An Earthquake Until I Realised You Were Running Down The Streets"- Oh didn't you know, that indeed was an earthquake of 9 magnitudes or were you too busy judging people?

9. "I Wonder What If A Storm Blows, Would A Person Skinny Like You Be Able To Stand Still?"- You don't have to worry about it as the earth has a paper-weight in the form of you.

10. "You Should Consider Putting On Some Weight As Boys Love Girls With Curves"- I think you should consider keeping your opinions to yourself as people hate those who are nosy.

11. "Don't You Think Being Fat Makes A Person Look Ugly"- Well, giving unsolicited advice makes a person unwanted and annoying, don't you think?