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Comebacks That Can Come Handy To ‘When You’re Getting Married’ Question

Ladies, it can be really frustrating to have aunties and nosey people constantly asking you to get married. This can be really annoying when you attend any wedding ceremony or family get-together. Even if you aren't ready for getting married, these people will constantly remind you of your age and how important it is for a woman to get married as soon as she turns 25.

But you don't have to feel miserable and irritated as we are here with some savage comebacks that you can throw at such relatives, neighbours and aunties. In order to read more, scroll down the article

1. "I am getting married in the coming week. Didn't you get the invite?"
2. "Actually, my crush isn't taking my calls. The day he does, I'll marry right there."
3. " The thing is I have planned of getting married on the day when I get rid of all the nosey and annoying relatives and neighbours."
4. "Why are you so excited about my marriage? Are you thinking of sponsoring it?"
5. "As we know women are outperforming men these days, I am looking for a man who would cook delicious food for me."
6. "I'll marry when I have to and you are certainly not getting an invitation for attending my wedding."
7. "Well, I guess you aren't able to digest the fact that I have become an independent woman even before getting married."
8. "I really wanted to marry but then I didn't want nosey guests to attend my wedding. So once I figure out whom not to invite, I'll definitely get married."
9. "You see, I don't want to ruin a man's life by getting married to him. So you should thank me for my generosity."
10. "The day I get married, you will start taking stress for my future kid (s) and I don't want you to die out of so much stress."

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