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National Girl Child Day 2022: 10 Quotes That Will Empower You

In the year 2008, the Government of India and the Ministry of Women and Child Development started the initiative to spread awareness about gender equality. In order to help people in understanding why female foeticide and infanticide are evil practices and how they will affect society, several steps have been taken over the years by government authorities, doctors and activists.

Therefore, every year on 24 January, National Girl Child Day is celebrated. It was started with the aim of spreading awareness about the gender inequality faced by girls in society.

So in order to celebrate this day in a memorable way, we are here with some quotes that you can share with your loved ones. Scroll down to read them:

1. "This National Girl Child Day, be proud of a girl child. They are the ones who are made up of courage, determination, sacrifice, commitment, talent and love."

2. "Daughters are precious gifts. Let's create an atmosphere of love, peace and equality for them. Happy Girl Child Day 2022."

3. "Don't let the life end, before it even begins. Save Girl Child!"

4. "A girl child is a pride and the future of the nation. Empowering your girl child means empowering your future."

5. "This National Girl Child Day, give your girls the wings to fly and not the pain to cry and die."

6. "An educated woman has the power to educate her entire family."

7. "Every guy needs a girl and a mother! If you kill all the girls, will you marry your own brother? Save female children on National Girl Child Day 2022."

8. "A friend, a sister, a wife, a mother, a daughter. When you kill one girl child, you kill the entire generation."

9. "Even a little girl is capable of encouraging and empowering society. Happy National Girl Child Day."

10. "Save and respect girl child, as she is the future of your family and society. Wishing everyone a Happy Girl Child Day."

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