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Mother's Day 2022: 10 Best Thoughtful And Fun Ideas To Make This Day Special For Your Mom

There is nothing special than a mother's love and even though they tell you that their greatest gift is being with their kids, but nothing can beat spending quality time with them and doing fun activities and make her feel extra special.

This year in 2022, Mother's Day will be celebrated on 8 May. Therefore, don't restrict yourself to the cards, chocolates or bouquets of flowers, and take the opportunity fo the Mother's day to to honour her, express your love, gratitude in the best possible way.


1. Encourage Your Mother To Have ‘Me Time’

Your mom will never refuse taking care of herself with you beside her. Encourage her to do things that she loves, be it yoga, manicure, reading books. Spending time with herself can be liberating and empowering for her.


2. Bring Her New Plants Or Go For A Stroll In The Garden

If your mom has a green thumb then surprise her by gifting her favourite plants. Not just that, you can take her on a stroll in a nearby garden or even a forest where she will enjoy herself amid nature. You can also help her plant some flowers or vegetables and she will thoroughly enjoy it.


3. How About Interviewing Your Mother?

You can make this day more special for her and yourself by knowing a little more about the woman you love. You can ask about her childhood, her hobbies and skills, experiences of her first job, emotions she felt on her wedding day, how she views relationships and a lot more. You can do this either in-person or on phone and listen to her with an open mind and heart. This will really show how much you care for her.


4. Pull Out A Family Recipe And Cook Together

If you know your way around the kitchen then pulling out a family recipe and cooking it together with your mother will make this special day even better. Not only it will bring back the old happy memories, but it will give the other members chance to learn something and pass it from one generation to the other.


5. Help Her To Tackle To-Do List

Taking care of household chores and responsibilities everyday can be frustrating, so why not become a helping hand to your mother and volunteer to share her to-do list so that she can relax a bit? Be it washing some extra utensils or dusting the house, every bit will count. See this day as an opportunity to ensure she feels happy and stress free throughout the day.


6. Take A Moment To Have Deep Conversations

There is nothing like opening your heart to someone. Even silence can speak volumes and so can meaningful and deep conversations. All you have to do is listen. You can ask her about the dreams she has, the problems she has to go, the battles she fights. This will really make her feel good and will be a great way for your mom to unburden herself.


7. Set Up Her Favourite Movie

Nothing can beat watching favourite movies with your mom. Happiness fills our lives when we take care of little things. You can either enjoy a movie from the comfort of your couch or go on a movie date with your mother. How about a bucket of popcorn and throwing some punchy movie lines at each other?


8. Flip Through An Old Photo Albums

This never gets old. Flipping through an old photo album or creating a new one highlighting the beautiful memories will help her relieve her favourite moments. Nothing will be more blissful than checking out the pics of her favourite family vaccation, mountain trips, beaches, parties, etc. with you on her side.


9. Take Part In A Home Decor Project

Who doesn't love a DIY home decor project? Utilize your time to make some changes in the home and bring a smile to her face. It can be an art piece, painting the wall, adding a DIY furniture or two or you can add a rocking chair where she can relax and read her favourite novels. She will remember this for a very long time.


10. Take Her For A Wild Ride In Her Favourite Car

Mothers, who are homemakers in particular, hardly get time to go out and enjoy things that they love. If your mother fancies a nice car, then rent it and take her for a wild ride or plan a getaway. It can be a resort in the woods or a small town amid hills with plenty of options to treat her taste buds. This will add more spice to the mother-daughter fun.

Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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