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International Women's Day 2022: Most Inspiring Women's Day Topics And Essay Ideas

Someone once said, '"A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong." We all know that women are the backbone of every society. Every day, they take risks, make sacrifices to stand for their choices, or even when it comes to taking care of their families.

Every year 8 March is celebrated as International Women's Day to commemorate women and their remarkable achievements, be it social, economic, political or cultural. The Women's Day 2022 theme is "Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow" and call for climate action for women by women, acodrding to the United Nations. On this special occasion, we have curated some inspiring women's day topics, speeches and essay ideas that will keep you motivated and help you to find an anchor of your own while you remarkably sail through life.

1. Quotes From Women Leaders And Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You

It was in 1911 when the first-ever Women's Day was organised by Clara Zetkin, a German Marxist theorist, and an advocate for women's rights. Well, we all have amazing women around us who have made this world a better place to live in be it women leaders or entrepreneurs. Read the full article here.

2. 11 Savage Replies You Can Throw At People Who Body Shame Women

It looks like women ought to fulfil the beauty standards set by society. At times, people do not care about what women might feel when they are subjected to body shaming. But if you are looking forward to giving mouth-shutting replies to those who do not refrain from body shaming, then read the full article here.

3. Exclusive: Inspiring Story Of The Woman Who Has No Fingers

Fingers are essential to touch the keyboard but a young woman writes well with no fingers. Hands-on the keyboard and working in an office computer, soft words to cover up her lack of comfort and smiling is none other than Malini Bhandari of Karkala who, through her unique talent, inspired the life of a specially-abled person. Know this woman's inspirational story. Read the full article here.

4. Empowering Relationship Advice For Women

Relationships are never hard and it is only the people we are involved with within the relationship that makes it challenging. There are mainly two factors that can affect any relationship, ie., either it requires more from your side or from your partner's. We have curated the 12 best empowering relationship advice for women on International Women's Day that will make you pleasantly surprised! Read the full article here.

5. Women's Day Decor Ideas For Office Celebrations

Women's Day is their day to unwind and blow off some steam by taking a break from their overwhelming schedule. So, we suggest you take this day as an opportunity to celebrate the women in your life. This year along with getting them gifts and going out for a meal, consider decorating your homes and offices, just as companies are beginning to call employees back. Read the full article here.

6. Nine Tips On How Men Can Fill The Gender Gap At Work

This article is not about creating a gender gap but closing it. Turn the pages of history and one will come across endless battles because of gender inequalities. One cannot deny the simple fact that how gender can have an impact on someone's relationship and career. Read the full article here.

7. Seven Yoga Poses To Induce Periods Naturally

Yoga provides lots of benefits to the body, along with inducing periods. Some yoga asanas like the Camel or Butterfly pose helps improve blood supply to the pelvic region, balance hormone levels, reduce stress and improve reproductive health, thus inducing periods, as well as, maintaining its normal cycle. Read the full article here.

8. Ten Ways In Which Women Can Celebrate This Day

Your daily work can make you feel exhausted and drained. Therefore, you can think of taking some time off from your work to feel rejuvenated and energised. While today, women across the world are calling for gender equality, we have listed some ideas that will help you to make this day memorable. Read the full article here.

9. Heartfelt Quotes To Make Women Feel Special

Women themselves are so incredible that the minimum we all can do is to celebrate them. Be it your extraordinary mom, brave sister, talented daughter or amazing wife, all of them deserve selfless love, respect and a gender-equal world. Let her know how wonderful she is by celebrating women and dedicating some meaningful quotes to them. Read the full article here.

10. Things Women Want In Their Lives

Women are blessed with a personality that has the perfect blend of affection, love, determination, perseverance and strength. Perhaps, men may find it difficult to apprehend women's personalities. They are often on their toes to figure out what women want in their lives. So on this International Women's Day, we thought of helping you with a list of things about the things women want. Read the full article here.

11. Fourteen Sweet Messages To Share With Women

To celebrate women's power and safeguard their rights, every year Women's Day is celebrated. It is a day to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of women in making the world a better place to live. This is the day you can make all the women around you feel special. Here are some sweet messages that you can share with all the amazing women in your life. Read the full article here.

12. Fifteen Budget-Friendly And Cool Gift Ideas For Women

Express our gratitude, respect and love for the women in our lives, be it a mother, sister, daughter or wife. So, what can be a better way to celebrate this day than giving her some heartfelt gift? Here's what you can do to make her feel special and loved. Read the full article here.

13. Helpline Numbers For Women In India - State-Wise Women Helpline Numbers List

The Government of India has come up with several aid measures such as a women's helpline that work towards ensuring the safety and security of women. A list of Women Helpline Numbers in India, which you can use in the time of need. Be it you, the woman in your family or a stranger on the road, don't think twice when you see something unfavourable, immediately inform the authorities. Read the full article here.

14. Things Which Are More Important Than Finding A Husband!

Everything changed! A century ago, most women thought finding the right husband is the most important thing in life. But today, if you ask modern women about what's the most important thing in life according to them, you won't get the same answer. Well, in a survey, women came with different answers depending upon their priorities. Read the full article here.

15. Best And Healthy Foods For Women

.Certain foods are beneficial for women's health, helping manage diseases like diabetes, breast cancer, and heart disease. These can also strengthen the bones, fortify the immune system, and protect the skin lOn this Women's Day, we bring you a list of foods that are specifically beneficial for the female body's health and explore why these foods are beneficial for women. Read the full article here.

16. Twelve Important Health Tests Every Woman Should Take

Early detection of a disease can help prevent complications and improve one's quality of life. Staying healthy is not an added quality but an inherent part of life that is critical and important at the same time. Today, we will look into some of the most important health tests a woman should take. Read the full article here.

17. Women Should Not Ignore These Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer

The moment we hear about lung cancer, we tend to assume that it affects only men, with smoking being the most common cause. Though the majority of the cases of lung cancer are related to men, lung cancer affects women as well. Read the full article here.

18. These Nutrients Are A Must-Have For Women During Menopause

Extreme hormonal changes are one of the worst problems that every woman undergoes as she approaches menopause. This leads to several health issues. In such a condition, taking care of the food that women include in their daily diet can make a lot of difference. Read the full article here.

19. Expert Opinion: Mental Health And Behavioural Issues In Female Victims Of Violence Or Sexual Assault

To understand what kind of behavioural issues are seen amongst women who have been victims of violence and/or sexual assault, Boldsky interviewed Kolkata-based counsellor Mridula Bose, who is also a Trauma Informed Care Specialist working with victims of abuse. Read the full article here.

20. Fitness Tips For Women In 50 To Look & Feel Healthy

There are some age-defying techniques that will help you remain fit, young and healthy after 50. As you age, you may find it difficult to do certain things and hence opt for choices that tend to make things easier for you. You will be driving your car less when compared to your 20s and instead depend on others to drive you around. You may even avoid going out shopping and instead might start relying on online shopping more. Read the full article here.

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