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Funny Excuses That Women Make While Planning Night Out With Friends

Friends are an essential part of our lives and therefore, planning a night out with them can be a super fun experience! But, what makes us (read women) really worried is how to convince our parents for the same.

Relationships are important for us, but we women love to hang out with friends and cherish the beautiful memories together.

Talking about Indian parents, it can be really difficult to convince them that you will not stay home during the night and rather go out with your friends. Therefore, we have very well understood that "handle with care" is the only way you can get through this situation. So, what to do and how to convince them?

While you are scratching your head to come up with a proper reason to convince your parents that you want to go for a night out, check out the funny excuses that might come as a saviour for you-

1. 'I Have To Submit A Project Work And Its Urgent.'

This is probably the most common excuse that women give to their parents when it comes to going out with friends during the night. 'Urgent project work' excuse is always foolproof. Parents will never deny something that can harm their children's career and therefore, night out with friends become extremely easy because obviously you need your friend's help to do the project work. (wink emoji).

2. 'My Friend Is Alone At Her Home'

It is almost a sin to not stay with your friend when he or she is alone at home. Even if we are laughing inside, we have to pretend that we are damn serious about our friend's safety. Also, this looking after the house is another matter which validates the point that your friend can't come and stay at your place and therefore, the only option is you have to go and stay at their place.

3. 'We Are Planning To Have A Group Study'

Indian parents can compare anything and everything with your studies! And children, daughters, in particular, know this too well. Therefore, "group study with friends" excuse is always a hit.

Students know very well that their parents will always encourage the idea of giving more attention to studies, and therefore, women use it without a second thought. Once the parents are convinced, women can easily go with their friends and enjoy the night out.

Jiya (25), an M Tech student from Patna told Boldsky, "My friends are always excited about the the a night out, but my parents never allow me for the same. Therefore, I give them an excuse of 'group study' so that my parents allow me to go out. I know lying to parents is not a good idea, therefore, I have stopped making excuses.

4. 'I Am Going For Mata Ka Jagrata''

In case you don't know what 'Mata Ka Jagrata' is, it is a Spiritual event when devotees sing spiritual songs by staying awake all night to please Goddesses. Well, we also become too spiritual and therefore, tell our parents that we want to attend it with our friends and Indian parents at times allow it if we tell them that it is taking place in a housing complex or a hostel.

On asking about her night out experience, Pooja (25), a banker from Muzaffarpur told Boldsky "Once I had to go on a night out with my friends. I knew my parent will never allow me to do so. Therefore, I told them, 'my friends have organised a 'Mata Ka Jagrata' in the hostel of our college. My parents allowed me. I know that it is not ok to tell lies, but whenever I recall it, I start laughing so badly. "

5. 'I Need To Practice Dance Steps For A Function'

This excuse works for women who love to dance. And, it goes without saying that dancing needs practice and therefore, it becomes a perfect excuse for the night out. Women, try to convince their parents that they have been going to practice dance at their girlfriends' place and will stay there because coming back home at night is not safe right? Parents also feel the same and therefore, parents allow their daughters to go.

Planning a successful night out needs so much effort and 90% of it is convincing parents because rest is easy as a cakewalk. Even though these funny excuses will keep you LOLing all day, it is also essential that you take care of your own safety and inform someone about your whereabouts. Also, we think making parents understand why you love night outs with your friends is not that difficult!

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