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From Lemonade Seller To Sub-Inspector, Anie Siva’s Story Is Truly Inspiring

Sub-Inspector Anie Siva gained popularity after the media reported her inspiring life story. The way she transformed from a lemonade seller to a police sub-inspector is truly inspiring. Today we are here to tell you about Anie Siva and Here truly inspiring live story.

At the age of 18, Anie Siva was abandoned by her husband. She was forced to leave her husband's house with her eight month old son. But she had to survive and give a better life to her child and so she contacted one of her relatives, Shaji, a resident of Perumbazhathoor in Neyyattinkara. When Shaji heard about Anie's ordeal, he thought to help her rebuild her.

Anie could have gone to her parents but they had already disowned her. This is because she had married against their will. Therefore, Anie had nowhere to go and was forced to live on the streets. During those days, she used to sell ice-creams, lemonade and spice powders to tourists.

However, in 2012, Anie had received a job offer from Maldives. But since she had no documents after separating from her family, she couldn't apply for a passport. After this, Anie thought of seeking help from Shaji, who works as a KSRTC driver to get address proof with a ration card.

Shaji helped Anie get a ration card but by then the joining date of the job was over and Anie missed the offer.

Shaji was already aware of Anie's talent and so he kept motivating her. He advised her to prepare for the SI test in 2014. In order to help her prepare for the test by attending coaching classes, he arranged a two-wheeler vehicle for her.

In July 2019, Anie successfully passed the test from the Kerala Police Academy. y "He helped me financially too. Today, I'm wearing this SI uniform with his support. He encouraged me a lot to rebuild my confidence. For me, he is a guide, friend, brother and father," says Anie. After Anie passed from the academy, Shaji put the Sub-Inspector rank's star on Anie's uniform.

Shaji says, "Anie is my grandchild. I supported her with the confidence that she will reach more heights in life."

We are truly inspired by the story of Anie Siva. We hope that her story will inspire women in the coming generation.

Credits: India Today for story and picture.