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Free The Nipples: Will Going Bra-Less Ever Be Considered Normal?

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Agreed that the quarantine life had its challenges (be at home, don't touch things, work extra hours) but one thing it allowed most of the females is - to go braless at home. The ease and comfort it provided are undaunted. Turns out most of us want this freedom when we step out of the door. But the question is, will it ever be considered OK or normal?

Societal Prejudice Towards Female Body

For some, going braless is freedom but for many, it is a mandatory rule to wear the bra all the time. In progressed nations, women are allowed to ditch bras in public and be comfortable in their own skin. But in a progressive society like ours, a woman's body is still objectified and it is considered taboo when a woman chooses to give herself a break from 'cagey' bras.

Celebs Spotted in Bra-Less State

Image: Pinterest

The media often captures celebs showcasing 'something' that's worthy enough to be a point of discussion. Take Bollywood star Malaika Arora for instance. She decided to walk her dog in a tracksuit with no bra underneath. It was comfort for her and there was nothing remotely alien about it. We live in 2022, and it's high time people gossip about women showing their nips.

Going braless is not a fad or current trend. Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and others opted for the "no-bra" state.

Good Girls Always 'Behave'

When a girl child enters a teenage zone, she is asked to include an essential piece of clothing - a Bra. Especially in a country like ours, the bra is a guaranteed shield without which you are not allowed to go out of the house.

Of course, for big-busted women or lactating mums; it is advised to wear the bra for medical reasons (sagging breasts can add pressure to your shoulders or back), but the same rule does not apply to all women. For many, it is a punishment that they have to take without counter questioning its necessity.

Not to forget the perks that come along with wearing the bra the entire day-red marks, rashes, and discomfort. Is it viable to suffer mutely at the cost of "mind your breasts" all the time?

Free The Nipple Movement

Image: Greenlemon

Yes, there are existing campaigns that take the "freedom from bra" movement seriously. For instance, Free the Movement encourages women to be comfortable in the braless state. It is all about spreading body positivity. It may be virtual still, the same could become a 'normal' reality when women collectively give it a thought!

The crass comments, moral policing hypocrisy, and regressive conversations will all get wiped out when women learn to defend their choices. Bra or no bra should be a choice of "hers' only. After all, a bra is simply a piece of fabric stitched together to offer comfort to breasts (whether it adds comfort or discomfort is completely personal).

Who cares what she wears underneath that shirt, right? Apparently, no one should!

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