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9 Common Problems That Indian Women Face Even Today!

India is a country where many great people were born and many of them were women. Our country has seen the rise of legendary women from the beginning. Women have broken the glass ceiling long back in numerous fields and yet there are infinite problems that a woman has to go through every day, especially an Indian woman. Looks like there is no country for women.

Scroll down to understand the difficulties Indian women face-

1. Facing Gender Biases

No matter how much a woman progresses, patriarchy pulls her down. Discrimination on the basis of the cast, gender age is rampant in this country. Even though women have equal rights in this country but the reality is entirely different. Discrimination can exist simply in verbal communication and people at times fail to notice it.

'You are a girl, you can't do this,' 'let your brother go there, he is a man', 'my wife does nothing, she is a homemaker.' Statements or comments like these are enough to give you a glimpse of the current condition of women in this nation.

2. Obsession With Fair Complexion

In India, many people are obsessed with fair complexion and society makes you feel that it is mandatory for a woman to be fair. Thanks to matrimonial adds, almost everyone is looking for a fair, tall and beautiful woman to marry. Being fair gives few people a false notion of superiority over people who have a dusky or dark complexion. Superiority. A dark-skinned woman is asked to apply fairness cream so that men like her, how sad is that!

3. Pay Disparity Because Of Your Gender

Even if women work hard and have efficiency similar to men, they do not receive equal pay simply because of their gender. This still exists today and we need to make sure women don't go through this anymore. They should be paid according to their work and not on the basis of their gender.

4. Eve-Teasing is normal?

For those who don't know yet what eve-teasing is, it is making of unwanted sexual remarks or advances by a man to a woman in the public place. But, the dictionary meaning does describe the trauma or the turmoil a woman goes through. Be it home or bus stop, a market or college, there is no safe place for a woman it seems.

5. All Women Are Not Multitaskers

Today many Indian women are proving their worth and calibre in whatever field they are working in but they are still judged at times for not being able to pay equal attention to family and work. It looks like they simply cannot make mistakes. Same is never expected from men. On the other hand, working women are considered to be lazy and arrogant if after returning from their work they don't cook and do other household chores. This is probably one of the biggest challenges faced by Indian women.

6. Getting Unwanted Attention

Since many women are now working in various sectors and have to live alone and far away from their families, they opt to live in rented accommodation. This also brings unwanted attention from various people. Even some landlords interfere with the whereabouts of working women living alone. Some also start monitoring them and taunt them if they arrive in their apartment late.

7. Pressure Of Marriage

It is high time, society must understand that a woman is also a human, not a pressure cooker. And marriage is completely her choice. Also, her age has nothing to do with marriage. If a woman chooses to stay single for long, relatives and neighbours start questioning her modesty and also they have created the "perfect age for a woman to marry" for us. A woman is not a sex or child machine!

8. Not Allowed To Travel Alone

Indian women have assisted in space missions. Does society need more proof that a woman is capable of doing everything, even the impossible ones?
Still, in many homes, a woman is not allowed to travel alone.

Parents and relatives think women should always be accompanied by their brother, father or any other male person, while going to school, college, work or movies for that matter. But, still the society won't teach some men to respect women.

9. Judged On The Basis Of Length Of Their Dress

We know that dress doesn't determine our personality or character for that matter but sadly not everyone knows that. A woman is told not to get raped, a man is never told that it is wrong to rape or even molest a woman. No matter what you wear, a woman's character will always be associated with her dress. She will be perceived as a woman with a lose character if she wears a short dress, no matter how good as a person she isher behaviour is. However, the same doesn't happen with men because they are men, right?

The list is endless! It is best for us (read women) to put all our thoughts to rest and live our life to the fullest.

Story first published: Saturday, September 14, 2019, 9:30 [IST]