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Ugadi 2021: Significance of Bevu Bella

Do you know the significance of Bevu Bella for Ugadi?
Bevu Bella stands for the 6 emotions of human life
Neem Leaves Signify Sadness
You have to accept the bitterness of life present around you
No matter what comes in your life, if you accept everything with a smiling face.Jaggery in Bevu Bella signifies only that.
Jaggery Signifies Sweetness
Every human being has anger as one of his/her guiding emotions. In Ugadi, swallow your anger in the form of pepper and start your life anew.
Pepper Signifies Anger
Salt Signifies Fear
It is the fear that can prevent you from committing blunders while it is the fear only that can hold you back from achieving something new.
The sour taste of tamarind symbolises disgust in your life. If you know how to control it, you will be more attentive and focussed in your life and can achieve your goals more easily
Tamarind Signifies Disgust
This is last but not the least significance of Bevu Bella for Ugadi. The surprises of your life should keep charging you on to attempt new things
Mango Signifies Surprise