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Trending photos of Yash kissing his wife Radhika Pandit

Trending photos of actor Yash kissing his wife Radhika Pandit on the cheek
Kannada actress Radhika Pandit is currently posting these photos on her Instagram page.
Rocky boy sitting on the floor wearing a Vetti shirt and eating with the kids.
Actor Yash playing with
children and wife.
Yash dining with wife and kids.
The two co-starred in the 2008 film Mogina Manasu.
The film Mr. and Mistress Ramasari released in 2014 was a huge hit for both of them.
Fans are making a fuss by commenting that they asked Srinivasa Shetty to give it to you just like he dropped the helicopter and gave it to the wind.
Cute pic taken by Rocky Flow and his wife ahead of the Christmas celebration.
Photos taken while on a jolly tour with his wife in the Maldives are trending