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Tips To Forget Your Ex Forever

Follow the tips mentioned below to forget your ex forever
To forget someone, you have to delete the signs of that person's existence. So just block
Even if you delete their numbers, you won't have an option to say, 'how can I delete him/her from my mind? Just press that delete button.
The more you stalk, the worse you will feel. So, just stop stalking!
Till the time they will be in your address book, you will not be able to forget them.Just press that delete button
Phones have very less memory capacity these days. Why to even give them a bit of space in your mobile phones? Just delete them pictures and memories
Forget them completely and meet new and random people.
If you are very serious about executing the plan of forgetting your ex forever, then don't drunk dial them

Don't Make Them Drunk Calls

Keep yourself really busy, adopt some hobbies, passion, and dream. Chase behind them and completely forget about your ex.