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Skin-soothing Ingredients You Should Be Using This Summer

We've compiled a list of such ingredients that can help you combat common summer skin woes.
The cooling effect of the cucumber makes it a must-use skin care ingredient for the summer season
A natural astringent, witch hazel can effectively ward off unsightly acne breakouts during the summer season.
Containing more than 80% water, watermelon is a fruit that can give your skin a major boost of hydration and help it stay fresh-looking all summer long.
Enriched with vitamin C, orange peel powder is an excellent remedy for combating issues like tanning and an uneven skin tone.
A rich source of vitamin E, argan oil is another skin-soothing ingredient that can help your skin stay moisturized
The all-purpose aloe vera gel can soothe sunburn and positively affect the hydration level in your skin.
Used for hundreds of years, rose water is another skin-soothing ingredient that deserves a spot in your summer skincare routine.