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Romantic Relationship Quotes To Read And Strengthen Your Relationship

These quotes are based on making you feel better and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.
A great relationship is about three things. First, appreciating the similarities, second, respecting the differences and third, working towards uniting the positive energy of each other.
In the end, you don’t need anyone who tries to understand you. You just have to find the someone who wants to understand you. It is the little of this and that, in bringing you the partner you want.
Let the understanding guide you and your partner to the doors of a healthy relationship. If the door is locked, you need to find another entrance.
You found your right person. Now don’t look in for the wrongs in them.
The way you look into my eyes is the most heavenly feeling, I have had until now.
If you are not sure of my love, take some time out and hear my jingles that speak all about you.
You can’t take eyes off her, for you know the moment you do you will skip a heartbeat. She is the fire that you had forever craved.
There is nothing called true love. It is just the feeling of you brushing your hair on my chest that stops time. This moment is the true love I have always waited for.
The songs are playing while you and I are dancing to the tunes of our own desires.
I love you with every beat of the sound you and I have ever heard. I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving. But this love we share, in which there is no I or you but only we, is so intimate that every time your fingers run on my skin, it brings my heart to rest with a sigh of relief of being in love.
Promise me to be there in each second of my life, either through your presence or through the love you portray.
I have never loved anyone except the image of you in my eyes.
For our souls have craved a lifetime and we have forever craved a moment together, isolated from the worldly life, where you sing to the music I make.
I am in love with the way you speak my name.
Think about me when you make love with me, as a lady of your dreams building memories in reality.