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How To Stay Hydrated In Summers: 8 Simple Tips

There is a mighty weapon that can be used to fight against the sun and it's called Hydration.
If you find plain water boring, blending up different pieces of fruit together along with ice cubes will get you all the hydration you need along with various vitamins and minerals that fruits provide.
Coconut water is the best, natural and cheapest way to hydrate yourself.
Veggies are another important source of water. Cutting up fresh veggies and topping them up with your favourite dressing is sure to hydrate your cells to the core.
During the summers, eating foods which are light on the stomach and easily digestible ones will take the load off of your digestive system and help it detox.
Soups are another great way to include water in your diet. Light and healthy soups will be your best bet during the summer.
Buttermilk is officially our national summer drink
Drinks loaded with caffeine are literally the worst thing that you can give to your body in summers. Caffeine is extremely dehydrating to the body.
Lastly, no matter how much you include fluids in your diet, make sure to gulp down some plain old water in equal intervals too because your body needs it the most.