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Best Juice Recipes For Ram Navami

We shall give you the list of juices that you can prepare for Ramnavami
One of the best drinks that you can serve on the occasion of Ramanavami is butter milk.
Have you ever tried this combination of juices? Well, try this special pomegranate and lemon juice recipe for Ramanavami.
One of the best fruits to have this summer is the mask melon. It is also the best drink in summer as it cools down your body and also helps in digestion.
Jaggery and ginger has many health benefits. Also, the juice is easy to prepare
Many people love to drink the water melon juice. And this is also one of the best juices that you can sip on this Ramanavami
Mint juice or the pudina juice refreshes your body and keeps your body cool in summer.
Amla juice contains more vitamin C. Though it tastes sour initially, later it refreshes your taste buds.
Bel fruit is also called as wood apple. This fruit recipe is very famous for Ramnavami.
The grape juice is very easy to prepare.