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Best Foods With Good Fat For Weight Loss

Some of the food items that should be involved in your diet for faster and proper weight loss
Avocado contains a fatty acid called oleic acid which is extremely beneficial for one's health.
Nuts have been considered as the healthiest food items that are high in good fats, fibre and protein.
Chia seeds contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which is a very good heart-healthy component.
Flaxseeds helps promote weight loss and also help reduce high cholesterol levels.
Dark chocolate helps in controlling cholesterol and blood pressure.
Eggs also contain potent antioxidants that are very beneficial for our health.
Fatty fish makes the person much healthier.
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil help promote a healthy weight loss.
Coconut oil boost the metabolism of our body and help in burning around 120 calories per day.
Full fat yoghurt helps in digestion, fights heart disease and obesity.