By: Boldsky Video Team
Published : March 21, 2017, 09:50

Pitru Dosh, पितृदोष दूर करने का अचूक उपाय | Astrology

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Pitru dosh, पितृदोष refers to the set of misfortunes in anybody's life due to the curse given by the departed ancestors. As per Hindu mythology it is believed that those residing in the pitru loka feel extreme pangs of hunger and thirst. They cannot however eat anything on their own and can only accept the offerings given to them during Shraadh ceremonies. It is therefore highly important for the children to propitiate them through the regular observance of the Shraadh ceremony. Missing that can invite the anger of the ancestors and result in Pitru Dosh. Here we have oyr astrologer Ajay Dwivedi explaining how we can remove Pitru Dosh.

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