By : BoldSky Video Team
Published : February 14, 2018, 04:15
Duration : 03:21

How Do Planets Affect You According To Astrology

In Hinduism, there are 9 planets or Navagrahas that are worshipped. The positioning and movement of the planets during the time of birth of the person is said to decide our past, present as well as future. Find out their influence in your life. We reveal to you the minute details of how each of the planets affect our lives. Sun or Surya - This star stands in the center and the other planets move around it. The Sun is known to instill willpower, energy and good fortune in us. It determines the personality, looks, wisdom and achievements of an individual. The sun rules on the zodiac sign Leo. Moon or Chandra - The moon is also known as Chandra/Soma. It is believed that the moon decides on the most major events like fertility, growth, relationships & even the overall emotional attitude. The Moon rules over the zodiac Cancer.
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