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By : Boldsky Video Team
Published : February 14, 2018, 04:23

Dust Removal Tips To Keep Your Home | Clean and Healthy

For women, cleaning their homes is not a big issue. But keeping it that way is something which keeps them on their toes. The dust which you wiped off yesterday from your beautiful tabletop will, much to your dismay, appear again the next day as if by magic. Here are a few smart ideas to keep your home dust free for long. Do Away With Carpets: Carpets are the major store-houses of dust particles. Even if you vacuum them every day, it may be necessary to give them the water and detergent routine to thoroughly clean them. And we all know how difficult it is to do that. Instead get vinyl carpets available in the market, which look great and also keep the dust away. Keep Windows Closed: In case you are residing in a road-facing home, it is most important for you to keep your windows closed, especially at the peak hours of traffic. Outside dust is extremely harmful, as it contains harmful gases and pollutants. Instead, open them early in the morning or late at night for some fresh air inside the home.

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