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List Of Vinayaka Chaturthi Vrat Dates 2019
Lord Ganesha is the bringer of auspiciousness. He blesses even the inauspicious and turns it into auspicious. A day, on the Chaturthi Tithi, every year, is dedicated to the worship of this trunk-headed lord. No sacred event begins without invoking Lord ...
List Of Vinayaka Chaturthi Vrat Dates

As Per Astrology These Are The Benefits Of Camphor
The daily worship that the Hindus perform includes a number of sacred items. It is believed that each of these has a religious significance in Hinduism. For example, the sandalwood paste that is worn as a tilak on the forehead keeps ...
Do You Use Vessels Made Of This Metal For Puja? Stop Using It, Says Manusmriti
While offering our prayers to the deity, we often think that there are no hard and fast rules to be observed if the devotee has true love for God. Well, this is quite true, but even more true is the fact ...
Do You Use Vessels Made This Metal Puja Stop Using It Says
Do This On A Thursday To Remove All Problems
If things are not going on well in life, if a number of problems are coming across, absolutely there's no need to worry. We have brought to you a few tips that will help you bring all your problems to an ...
Why Vermilion Is Offered To Lord Hanuman
Hanuman, the deity who is himself a devotee, is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He too, just as Shiva, is considered an innocent-hearted deity. But ever wondered why vermilion which is never offered to Shiva, is one of ...
Why Vermilion Is Offered To Lord Hanuman
Rules To Be Observed While Worshiping Lord Shiva
Prayers are the most important part of the daily worship; they are the words that we speak the most softly, and wish to be heard the first. We make sure not to make any mistake while performing the puja, in order ...
Importance Of Sindur/Vermilion In Hinduism
Applying vermilion on the forehead, which is seen as a symbol of marriage in Hinduism, is a practice common among the womenfolk of all the states, unlike many other practices that are undertaken differently, among the people of the same religion, ...
Importance Of Sindur Vermilion In Hinduism
Significance Of Blowing A Shankh
Blowing a shankh is something observed in all the temples across the country. It is common to the temples in all the states. Have you ever wondered why bowing a conch shell is so important not only in Hinduism but in ...
Do's and Don'ts For Any Puja
With the aim of pleasing our deity with all that we have and all that we can, we might offer a few things which are unconsecrated and might end up spreading inauspiciousness around. Therefore, one must always know what are the ...
Do S And Don Ts For Any Puja
Why We Worship Ganesha First​​​?
Lord Ganesha is the embodiment of a perfect beginning. No work reaches success without invoking him first. Have you ever wondered why only he was chosen to be worshiped first?Well, here is the reason. Read on. Devi Parvati Alone At Home ...
Importance Of Celebrating Ratha Sapthami
Our country has a rich history of cultures and traditions. Every tradition has a particular reason on why it is followed and an interesting story behind it.Hinduism is a polytheistic religion which worships many gods. Apart from the Holy trinity of ...
Importance Of Celebrating Ratha Sapthami
Dos And Don’ts Of Worshipping Navagrahas
Navagrahas are the nine cosmic objects that are said to have a great effect on the human lives. The Navagrahas include Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Buddha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. While the Sun is a star, Mangal, Budha, Brihaspati, Shukra ...

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