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Best Exercises For People With Diabetes
Physical activity is a key element in preventing and managing diabetes. Many studies have mentioned the importance of regular exercise in diabetes. It not only improves blood glucose but also helps control cholesterol levels to prevent diabetes-related complications such as hypertension ...
Best Exercises For People With Diabetes

How To Deal With In-Toeing And Out-Toeing In Children
Many a times, we find an abnormality in the walking trait of infants or children. It may develop from the time they started walking or even in the later years. Some children walk with their feet facing inwards or outwards instead ...
16 Surprising Health Benefits Of Walking Daily
When was the last time you went out for a walk? Can't remember? Well, after reading this article you are surely going to make walking a part of your daily routine. Taking a good walk for a few minutes a day ...
Health Benefits Of Walking
Sitting & Watching Television For Long Can Cause This Problem
Sitting down for long periods increases your chances of mobility problems later in life, claim scientists. Prolonged periods of sitting and watching television causes a THREE-FOLD increased risk of developing a walking difficulty in later life, a new study has shown. ...
Sitting And Watching Television For Long Can Cause This Problem
Tips For Women Who Want To Lose Weight After 40
Yes, you're getting older. But this does not imply that you need to take weight gain as a part of life. During your teens or twenties, losing weight is as simple as anything that you ever thought of. But as you ...
Tips For Women Who Want To Lose Weight After Forty
7 Tips To Lose Weight Without Going to The Gym!
This title would have definitely got many people's attention, right? Who wouldn't want to get fitter and lose weight, without going to the gym? However, most of us believe that losing weight and staying fit is only possible by going to ...
Tips To Lose Weight Without Gym
Here Is Why You Should Walk On The Grass In The Morning
We all know that walking is beneficial for our health. But have you ever thought about the health benefits of walking on the grass in the morning? Since childhood we have heard about this from our elders. They have always said ...
Reasons To Walk On The Grass In The Morning
How To Walk Right To Lose Weight
Walking is the most natural exercise human beings can do. It is the most effortless and inexpensive way to lose weight. But walking the right way matters a lot if you have to burn more fat. The whole point of any ...
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