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Is It Safe To Consume Peppermint Tea During Pregnancy?
Herbs and natural remedies are widely used around the world, including the period of pregnancy. The most common forms of herbal preparations are teas or infusions which are known to provide a lot of health benefits to the foetus and pregnant ...
Is It Safe To Consume Peppermint Tea During Pregnancy

15 Best Foods To Eat When You Have Stomach Flu
Stomach flu, also known as gastroenteritis, is the infection of the stomach and intestines caused by viruses. People often confuse stomach flu with food poisoning. Though the symptoms (diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and stomach pain) of both the conditions are almost the ...
25 Food To Eat When You Have Food Poisoning
Food poisoning(FP) is a foodborne illness caused due to the consumption of contaminated water or foods that contain infectious bacteria, virus, parasites or their toxins. The symptoms such as diarrhoea, bloating or vomiting start within hours. Food poisoning symptoms can be ...
Foods To Eat When You Have Food Poisoning
10 Side Effects Of Raw Garlic You Should Know
Have you ever thought that the small garlic pod could cause serious side effects? No, there's nothing to worry about! Having raw garlic or consuming too much of garlic can have side effects on the body which can be life-threatening. Garlic ...
Side Effects Of Raw Garlic You Should Know
Stomach Flu Or Food Poisoning: Which One Do You Have?
When you are exploding out of both ends, you don't really care whether you have the stomach flu or food poisoning. And while the symptoms of both are pretty similar, it pays to know the culprit behind your suffering, as the ...
Surprising Causes Of Vomiting That You Did Not Know
Vomiting is a very common problem that all of us have faced at some point of time or another. As kids we have often puked due to various reasons. Even as adults we tend to vomit when we suffer from indigestion, ...
Your Morning Sickness Guide
During the first phase of pregnancy, the mornings are tough to cope up with as the symptoms of the morning sickness gradually fade during the noon. But in some women, those symptoms may last longer. To put in simple words, morning ...
Your Morning Sickness Guide
Are You Lactose Intolerant?
Am I lactose intolerant? If maybe you have suffered a few of the most typical lactose intolerance issues, you could find yourself asking this question. Lactose intolerance is actually an illness wherein the body cannot turn out enough of the enzyme ...
This Simple Home Remedy Can Reduce Nausea In An Hour!
Nausea or vomiting sensation can make a person experience a lot of discomfort, so if you want to get rid of it, then there is an excellent home remedy that can help you! Nausea is a common symptom that many people ...
Home Remedy To Reduce Nausea In An Hour
Health Effects Of Eating Road Side Chats
Indians are always fond of road side foods, no matter what it is. Getting that mouth watering experience is very difficult even when we try to make the same food with the same recipe in our home kitchen. Chat is one ...
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