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The Transient Life
When the transience of life is understood in all its depth and significance, material possessions are viewed merely as gifts granted for temporary enjoyment- Swami ChinmayanandaA man once went to an exhibition mela along with his son, five years of age. ...
Transient Life

Reorganize Yourself Personally
In this fast paced life, reorganization is a necessary aspect to keep ourselves prompt to cope with the sudden twist and turns, be it at work, home, social circle etc. Here are some fundamental tips to reorganize life that serves ...
The Fear Of Failure-A Fallacy
The Fear of Failure cripples creativity, the spirit of enterprising and to proceed further. Fear is immanent in everyone, however very acute in a few. If reflected properly the fear of failure is present in all undertakings, small and big in ...
The Fear Of Failure
Love And Attachment-Advaita Vedanta Distinguishes
Love is definitely the most beautiful of all human emotions, an accepted opinion throughout. However attachment wears the mask of love and masquerade in one's relationships. An entire life time passes away without the revelation of the difference between love ...
Practice Of Vedanta-Part II
Continued From Part I Religion chastens life in the individual, and through individual perfection, brings about a brightening of the quality of man's communal living. This glow in living life is called culture. Encourage listeners not only to study the ...
Vedanta Practice Chinmaya Mission
Practice Of Vedanta-Part I
For Mission Members - Swami Chinmayananda'The goal, which we aspire to reach and accomplish, is to bring about an ardent Hindu awareness in the Hindus, and to integrate their attitudes and efforts. To preach and teach the great thoughts of the ...
The Essence Of Bhagavatam-Part II
Continued From Part IThe word 'love' has become very popular. We hear people use it so often. If so many people really love each other, there should be 'Shanti' (Peace) , isn't it? Every New Year millions of people send greetings ...
Srimad Bhagavatam Essence Real Love
What Is Samadhi?-Sahaja Samadhi And Sahaja Nirvikalpa
Having dealt with the other types of Samadhis in the previous part, Sahaja Samadhi and Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is explained here. Sahaja SamadhiSahaja Samadhi is the ultimate state. It is effortlessly abiding in the self or the primal state eternally. ...
Living in Freedom and Enquiry-Part III
Continued From Part II Passion for PossessionPassion is craving for possession. It is becoming possessive of the world around me. The world is mine as long as I do not possess it! But, the moment I start possessing it, it ...
Freedom Enquiry Passion Possession
Veda Vyasa - Part II
The Brahmasutras Continued From Part I When Vyasa had finished, he must have sat back and thought, "What have I done? Who is going to benefit from this book? May be only a handful of people in the whole ...
Living in Freedom and Enquiry-Part II
Continued From Part I 'Sanga' or 'Attachment'In every action of mine, I am attached to the thoughts of expectation, of reward and recognition, of material benefits. These thoughts molest my efforts in the present and rob me of the effectiveness ...
Freedom Enquiry Attachment Passion
Veda Vyasa - Part I
The goal of life as declared by the discoverers of Truth was handed down from Guru to disciple in the distant days of known human history, and along the avenue of time the teaching descended from generation to generation. The torch ...
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