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Vastu Tips For Nameplate Of The House
Did you check if the nameplate put outside your house is in accordance with Vastu rules? Does the colour on it comply with the colour of the background wall? Is the size of the nameplate perfect? Vastu Shastra recommends rules ...
Vastu For Nameplate Of The House

5 Things You Should Never Give As Gifts
We love to surprise our loved ones with gifts. Gifting them the thing they love the most makes the gift more special for them. Sometimes, we gift them the things they already were about to buy. These gifts and such special ...
Vastu Tips For Fish Aquariums Kept At Home
Fish aquariums serve as a mode of rectification of various Vastu defects besides adding beauty to the surroundings. These attract wealth and peace and feeding the fishes pleases Goddess Lakshmi. All the elements present on this earth radiate energy. This energy ...
Vastu Tips For Kitchen Direction
Irrespective of the culture that you have been brought up in, the food that you eat is said to play a major role in your overall health and well-being. While no one can deny that the food you eat affects your ...
Vastu Tips For Kitchen Direction
The Best Direction To Keep Laughing Buddha At Home & Why
Vastu Shastra translates to the science of architecture, which prescribes constructing houses in such a way that just the positive energy radiates around it. It says that every object has a certain aura. Aura here refers to the kind of atmosphere ...
Lock Your Property As Per Vastu
Did you know that the lock that you use for your house, has its significance as per Vastu Shastra? The direction of the door, the entrance, etc., matter in this aspect. Vastu Shastra is a study which originated in India and ...
Lock Your Property As Per Vastu
The Importance And Necessity Of Vastu
Vastu Shastra is briefly defined as the scientific study of the directions that aims at creating a proper equilibrium by the balance of different elements of our nature and then using these elements for the prosperity and benefit of human beings. ...
The Auspiciousness Of The Sacred Turtle
Vastu Shastra is one of the ancient disciplines that have originated in India. It relates to the study of architecture of the house or building. It is believed that each direction is associated with some or the other force in nature; ...
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