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Creepiest Vampires Around The World
Being the festival of Halloween, one of the most famous Halloween costumes you would find everyone wearing is the vampire outfits. The awesome set of sharp teeth and the bloody look goes well for the Halloween theme every year. This year ...
Creepiest Vampires Around World
Top 10 Bizarre Myths About Vampires
There is just no end to the myths about vampires that are rampant these days. Of course you must give due regard to the loads of vampire fiction for circulating this myths. Vampires have always been creatures that interest the human ...
Bloodthirsty Vampires Of India
Do vampires truly exist? If so, can we see them?These are few common questions that always come up when the topic of discussion is Vampires! It is believed that the history of vampires was traced back in countries like India, China ...
Vampires India Hindu Mythology
Why Girls Love Vampires? Check Out..
Loving a vampire is the new passion among girls. So how did the passion come all of a sudden? The credit goes to Edward (Robert Pattinson) of the Twilight series and Harry Potter to name a few. The romance towards paranormal ...
Its Now - Robert Pattinson VS Colin Farrell!
Heard of Fright Night? The most devastating horror flick which is going to hit cinemas in the month of August, might just take the Movie, Twilight behind torn curtains.Robert Pattinson who adorns the role in Twilight as Edward Cullen was ...
Robert Pattinson Colin Farrell Vampire 230511 Aid
Cast For Denali Vampire Coven Announced
The long wait is finally over with the announcement of the casting of the Denali vampire coven, the allies of the Cullen Family. Today Summit Entertainment has announced the Denali cast for the forthcoming movie - “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”. ...
The Target of Vampire Vengeance
Vampires who attack people and suck their blood, heard of them? Here is another story that will make you think twice.A man was attacked by three vampires, who caught him and sucked his blood in Wellington’s Mount Victoria. Two of them ...
Vampire Attacked Man
Stephen Moyer Banned From Going Out
British actor Stephen Moyer has been banned from going out in the sun. So he says that he will remain pale, for True Blood. Moyer reveals that he had gone to Los Angeles to play the character of the ...
Real Or Virtual?
The Twilight saga continues to grip the imagination of people and has led to the emergence of vampire clubs, covens and lairs in Australia. Vampire groups have flooded the Internet with renewed interest in the gothic, thanks to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight ...
The Weird Fact About Robert Pattinson's Personal Hygiene
Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson has a weird fact to share about personal hygiene. He has confessed that his personal hygiene is "disgusting". The 'Twilight' star mentioned that he does not change his clothes until they begin to stink.Robert Pattinson's keep the ...
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