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The Strange Case Of A Woman Who Sweats Blood
Several medical cases make us wonder how they could even happen. This is one such rare case that actually happens one in 10 million individuals. This is the case of a 21-year-old woman whose identity is not revealed. It is said ...
Strange Case Of A Woman Who Sweats Blood

10 Natural Home Remedies To Treat Sweaty Palms And Feet
Summers have already set in and this is the time when your body will start sweating profusely, including your palms and feet. Too much of excess sweat embarrasses a person and this is the worst part of the summers. Many people ...
When Is The Right Time To Shower? Morning Or Night?
When is the right time to shower? Morning, evening or night? Well, some people feel comfortable to take a bath in the morning whereas some prefer evenings. For some, morning showers work well as they prepare them for the work day. ...
These Are The Reasons You're Getting Pimples On Your Vagina
Yes, it's true ladies! You can actually get pimples down there. Pimples don't restrict themselves from only sprouting up on the face. They can also come up in some of the most unexpected and unwanted areas. Your back, your chest and ...
These Are The Reasons You Re Getting Pimples On Your Vagina
Do Tattoos Affect Your Workout?
Do tattoos affect exercise? Today, its cool to sport a tattoo that speaks volumes about your attitude. That gives you a unique identity and that's what gives you pride. But a new study claims that tattoos can interfere with the way ...
10 Reasons Why You Are Sweating At Night
Everybody sweats; yet there is always a difference in the way people sweat, as it can't be the same for everyone. Are you dripping in sweat every night? There are a few people who experience sweating while at sleep. Sometimes, people ...
Easy Tips To Deal With Sweaty Scalp During Summer
There can be nothing worse than dealing with a sweaty body and scalp during the summer time, or even otherwise. Sweating is one among the common issues everyone faces during the summer days. Even though sweating is said to be good ...
Easy Tips To Deal With Sweaty Scalp During Summer Days
Things That Can Happen When You Don't Wipe Your Sweat
Sweating is a normal process of the body that acts as a natural cooling system. Apart from that, sweating is important for the excretion process of the body. Normally sweat will evaporate by itself. If not, there is no choice other ...
How To Get Rid Of Butt Odour
Normally, good hygiene habits prevent butt dour. But in some cases, even though you keep yourself clean, butt odour troubles you and makes you feel embarrassed. Sometimes, dietary reasons or lifestyle changes could cause the bad smell down there. And yes, ...
How To Get Rid Of Butt Odour
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