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Split Ends

8 Effective Tips To Tackle Split Ends
Split ends are dreaded by all. It is the worst kind of damaged that can happen to your hair. And what is more surprising and alarming is that we are ourselves unintentionally damaging our hair. Our everyday practices and hairstyling habits ...
How To Tackle Split Ends

11 Fabulous Home Remedies For Split Ends
Split ends are a cause of worry for many women. They make your hair frizzy and unmanageable. No matter how hard you try, your hair just doesn't bounce back. Your hair also tends to dry a lot more and this gives ...
Home Remedies For Split Ends
Home Remedies Using Banana To Treat Split Ends
Lack of proper hair care makes your hair dry and brittle and this eventually leads to split ends. With constant exposure to pollution, sunrays and chemicals, maintaining healthy hair has become as difficult as it can be. And trimming your hair ...
Why Is It Necessary To Trim Split Ends?
Do your hair ends snap off quickly? Does your hair break easily when you try to detangle your hair? If so, then you should pay a lot more attention to your hair. The dry, damaged strands at the tip of your ...
Why Is It Necessary To Trim Split Ends
10 Common Habits That Damage Your Hair And Cause Split Ends
It is a well-known fact that 7 out of 10 women nowadays are plagued with various unappealing hair conditions. Problems like breakage, split ends, etc., have become exceedingly common. A variety of factors such as pollution, unhealthy diet, etc., can cause ...
Different Types Of Split Ends And How To Spot Them!
Let's admit this, split ends happen to all of us! In between the use of heat-styling machine and inappropriate care of hair, split ends seem to be an inevitable problem to all of us. For most of them, split ends are ...
Different Types Of Split Ends And How To Spot Them
Tips For People With Extremely Damaged Hair
For some reason or the other your hair can end up being severely damaged. This may be due to your diet, or you not being able to take care of your hair. So, we'll give you some tips if your hair ...
How To Treat Split Ends Using Kitchen Ingredients?
Split ends are something that can give you a bad hair day. Split end is something that every woman suffers from, which is generally caused by mechanical or chemical stress on the tresses or outer layer of the hair cuticles. In ...
How To Treat Split Ends Using Kitchen Ingredients
Kale Hair Mask Recipes For 2X Thicker Hair
We have been hearing so much about kale, and its magical properties for hair, that we decided it is about time we discover exactly what kale hair masks can do! Turns out, they can do a lot more than what we'd ...
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