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Hyposmia: Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment
Hyposmia, also known as microsmia, is the reduced ability to smell or detect odours . A closely related variant of this condition is anosmia, wherein a person cannot detect any form of odours at all. Such olfaction problems can occur ...
How To Keep A Dog From Smelling In Between Baths
They say that a dog is a man's best friend. And rightly so, who else would wait for you to arrive home eagerly and pounce on you to welcome you? Our dogs are our life. Spending time with them will help ...
Do You Smell Something That Is Not There? This Could Be Why...
When you can feel an imaginary odour, that probably no one else around you can sense, then the medical term associated with this feeling is phantosmia. This feeling is also known as olfactory hallucination. The smell is mostly unpleasant and only ...
Phantosmia Causes Symptoms Diagnosis And Treatment Of Phantom Smells
How To Smell Good All Day? Without The Use Of A Perfume
No one would want to start their day with others telling them about the nasty "stink". Yes, the body odour can sometimes really put off a person when he/she over-hears people talking at his/her back. Instead, one must take personal initiatives ...
Mere Smell Of Food May Make You Fat
Your sense of smell that helps in enjoying the food may be inadvertently making you fat while the lack of it may trick the body into thinking it has already eaten, researchers say.The findings revealed that obese mice that lost sense ...
Mere Smell Of Food May Make You Fat
How To Get Rid Of Butt Odour
Normally, good hygiene habits prevent butt dour. But in some cases, even though you keep yourself clean, butt odour troubles you and makes you feel embarrassed. Sometimes, dietary reasons or lifestyle changes could cause the bad smell down there. And yes, ...
Smells That Arouse Women
Your nose has an important role in many areas of your life. Imagine the experience you get when you sniff the aroma of spicy food when you enter your dining room. You feel good and your appetite gets stimulated right? Also ...
Smells That Arouse Women
Revealed! Why Your Smell Attracts Her
Most of us think that desire is ignited only by the looks or in other words, what the eyes can see in the opposite sex. But what we don't know is the fact that many other factors play a role in ...
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