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To Be Angry On The Outside-A Short Story
Is it always good to control anger? Read a short Hindu story.A Sadhu or an ascetic was passing by a bush. Suddenly he stopped on his track, when a snake emerged from the bush with a show of fierceness as if ...
To Be Angry

Be Natural The Tao Way-A Short Story
To be natural the Tao way is laid down in this short story about Lao Tzu the 'old guy' and Confucius. Read about the man who did not leave any trace about the way he lived. He just lived! The ...
Relaxing Into The Self
A rich man was lying on his death bed. His mind was actively involved in worldly affairs. He asked his wife, “Where is my eldest son?”The wife who was a spiritual woman and who understood that her husband's end was nearing ...
The Self Short Story 220711 Aid
Equanimity Of Mind With Inner Poise-Short Story
Equanimity is the inner condition of a person of wisdom. A short Hindu story reveals the truth.Once King Janaka's palace caught fire. King Janaka was a man of the highest wisdom. He was a man of inner poise. King Janaka witnessed ...
Highest Wisdom In A Nutshell-A short story
A short Hindu story in 'Yoga Vasishta' portrays the highest wisdom in a nutshell.King Mahabali, tired of living a kingly life, sought to attain Jnana or wisdom. He hence sought the help of Sukracharya, his Guru to attain Jnana.King Mahabali anticipated ...
Highest Wisdom Short Story 190711 Aid
Fruitless For Next Life-Stories Of Wisdom
Stories of wisdom aids in awakening one to the truth of life.A selfish rich man, who spent most of his time in amassing wealth, once sat outside his house. He sat relaxing with a stick in his hand, when a poor ...
Through The Prism Of The Mind
One sees through the prism of his mind. His views depend on his mental make up.An ascetic sat by the road, under a tree, in Samadhi.A passerby came by and thought the ascetic to be a drunkard as he was shaking ...
The Mind 130711 Aid
Mullah Nasruddin Defines Fate
A Sufi story about Mullah Nasruddin reveals the definition of fate.A man once approached Mulla Nasruddin with a question, “What is fate?”Mullah Nasruddin said, “Mere assumptions”The man intrigued, asked, “Assumptions?!”Mullah Nasruddin explained, “When you assume things are going to do well ...
A short story on Advaita- Experiencing Oneness
Experiencing oneness lends a natural sweetness to life. An ancient story based on the principle of Advaita, reveals the essence of oneness. King Janaka, a ruler of acclaimed wisdom, saw perfect harmony in everything, though living amidst thick of ...
Short Story Advaita Experiencing Oneness 240511 Aid
Being Yourself Always-Osho
Osho explains on 'being yourself' at all times through an annecdote from his own life.Osho, while at school as a small boy, happened to see a wresteling competition, conducted district wise. He refelcts on that match in order to educate his ...
Being Yourself Osho 200111 Aid
Being Here And Now!
To be here and now is meditation or the result of meditation that is most sought after by seekers.A short story of Lao Tzu reveals the meditation of the butcher, who led people to be here and now.Lao Tzu, sent his ...
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