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How To Use Sandalwood Powder For Different Skin Concerns
Sandalwood powder, aka chandan, is hailed as a vital skin care ingredient for promoting skin's health and treating a myriad of unsightly conditions. This traditional remedy has gained a cult following within the beauty community because of its numerous skin-benefiting features. ...
How To Use Sandalwood Powder For Different Skin Concerns
How Red Sandalwood Powder Can Brighten Your Skin
Having beautiful skin is every woman's dream; but with today's polluted environment, humidity and scorching heat, it can be difficult to retain the natural glow. The environmental factors only wipe off the natural glow from the skin and only attract infections. ...
DIY Beard Oil Recipe To Keep Your Beard Soft & Sleek!
Gone are the days when men preferred to keep it clean. Today, men use their facial hair to express their style! This article will help you learn how to keep beard soft. And if you are big on beard styles, then ...
Diy Beard Oil Recipe To Keep It Soft And Sleek
DIY Aloe Vera Firming Face Pack!
Over a period of time, as people age, the skin loses its natural ability to produce moisture, in turn reducing its elasticity. Our skin has its own natural oils that keep it soft and supple even when no moisturiser has been ...
Diy Aloe Vera Firming Face Pack
Grandma-Approved Ubtan Recipe For All Skin Problems!
Ubtan is an all-natural mix of powders for multiple beauty benefits. It is probably the first cosmetic ever to be used for skin care regime. Ubtan has been passed on for generations as a beauty secret, so much that it no ...
Ayurvedic Method Of Making Organic Baby-Safe Kajal
They say eyes are the window to our soul, perhaps that's why, we spend hours lining our eyes with kajal to give it an exotic touch. Beautifying that window to make the soul look a tad-bit less grimy, perhaps? We leave ...
Ayurvedic Method Of Making Organic Baby Safe Kajal
The 8 Best Ways To Include Saffron In Your Beauty Regime
Saffron is an extremely expensive Indian spice, mostly used in cooking to lend an interesting aroma to the food. It is often referred to as 'kesar' in hindi. It's unique taste and aroma, makes it a popular choice as an additive ...
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