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The Significance Of Janaki Jayanti
Janaki Jayanti falls on the eighth day during the Shukla Paksha in the month of Falgun as per the Hindu calendar. As per the Gregorian, it corresponds to the months of February and March. This year Janaki Jayanti will be observed ...
The Real Story Why Lanka Got Burnt
We have all heard the story in which Lord Hanuman had once set the entire Lanka on fire. We believe that it was the Ravana and Lord Rama rivalry that made this incident happen. But it is just a part of ...
What Was The Real Reason Behind Lanka Being Burnt
Interesting Lesser-known Facts About Ravana
Ravana is one of the most popular demon characters ever discussed in Hinduism. He was a great scholar, a learned Brahmin and a great warrior. The only reason that he was a demon was the huge number of demonic qualities that ...
How Lord Rama Brought His Father's Crown Back
We all know that Lord Rama was sent in exile for three days because of his own mother Kaikeyi. Why would a mother ever do that? Here is the reason. King Dasharatha's Crown was the real reason behind it. Read on. ...
How Lord Ram Brought His Father S Crown Back
These Souls Live With Us Until Today
Lord Krishna has said, whatever takes birth, is sure to die. Everything is mortal. Good deeds and karma will relieve one from the cycle of birth and death, but will not make him immortal. There have been many greedy and ambitious ...
Secrets To Success Given By Ravana
Though Ravana has been depicted as a negative character in the Ramayana, he was actually a highly respected Brahmin. He was a great scholar, a great ruler and an even greater maestro of the Veena. He was a learned Brahmin, a ...
Secrets To Success Given By Ravana
What Happened To Shanta, The Sister Of Lord Rama
Ramayana provides a detailed reflection of Sri Ram's life; his roles as an ideal king, an ideal husband, ideal son, brother, etc. He met various challenges and overcame them with his devotion to the family and its morals, throughout his life. ...
The Real Reason Why Rama Abandoned Sita!
Ramayana is one of the holy texts in Hinduism, depicting the life of Lord Ram, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sri Rama is seen as an ideal king, ideal son, ideal brother, etc., but was he an ideal husband as well? ...
The Real Reason Why Rama Abandoned Sita
Why Was Sita Asked For The Agni Pariksha
The Ramayana is one of the largest epics in world literature. It consists of twenty four thousand verses and is sub-divided into seven parts and five hundred chapters. Written by Valmiki, it was first written in Sanskrit and later translated into ...
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