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Pregnancy is an important stage in every woman’s life. It is essential for every woman to about proper prenatal care and the basics of pregnancy to avoid pregnancy complications in the prenatal stage.
Why Don't Newborn Babies Cry Real Tears?
A newborn can be a handful. From soiled diaper to phlegm and pee, the loud noised crying is the one thing pulls the trigger. But, have you ever noticed that your newborn, while screaming at his or her loudest, is not ...
Why Dont Newborn Babies Cry Real Tears
Pros & Cons Of Water Birth And Frequently Asked Questions
We live in a world with numerous options and never-ending choices and this extends to the topic of pregnancy and delivery as well. From natural birth to a scheduled induction and unplanned Caesarean, the list of types of birth is broad. ...
5 Questions To Ask At Your First OB Appointment
You're pregnant (pops champagne)! You probably are on the seventh heaven right now, or maybe haven't even completely digested the fact that this has finally happened, or experience a little of both. Whatever the case be, we got your back. During ...
Questions To Ask At First Ob Appointment
How To Love Your Body When You're Pregnant
It's surreal how a number on a scale can have so much effect on mankind. The further the little hand on the scale goes from left, the more dreadful it gets. It's not just pregnant women or the women who aren't, ...
Why You Should Consider Epidural For Your Delivery
When you think of delivering a baby, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the pain involved. Women who have undergone childbirth will tell how painful childbirth is. And every woman who is pregnant for the first time ...
Why You Should Consider Epidural For Your Delivery
Why Do You Crave Ice When Pregnant?
Cravings are a part of pregnancy. Some women crave spicy foods, while others want some chocolatey goodness. The most common craving is that of sour foods. But a lot of women also crave ice. We are not talking about ice cream ...
How To Ensure To Conceive A Baby In A Month
Conceiving a child will be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. But such a thing will happen only if you are prepared to welcome the baby with open arms. For that, a significant amount of planning is involved ...
How To Ensure To Conceive Baby In A Month
The Truth Of Pregnancy Brain
Pregnancy brain is known by many names: baby brain, mommy brain, momnesia or pregnesia. It doesn't matter what fancy or quirky name you use, it is a condition that affects a large majority of pregnant women. It is a state of ...
The Truth Of Pregnancy Brain
What Is An Ectopic Pregnancy - Signs, Symptoms & Treatment
Being pregnant and able to bring a new life into this world is surely the greatest blessing. However, not all forms of pregnancy are blissful- one such being face-to-face with the hard truth when your doctor discloses that you are dealing ...
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