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10 Challenging Parenting Problems And Their Solutions
Parenting is the most amazing joyride ever. But the ones who experience it, admit that the journey can turn quite bumpy sometimes. Children explore, learn to adapt to new things and face different challenges as they grow up. Times like this ...
Parenting Problems And Solutions

How To Identify Asthma In Babies?
A mother should be very cautious about her habits during her pregnancy as anything that she does has a direct effect on the unborn baby. The baby carries the genetic material from both the father and the mother. Not only does ...
Important Lessons Indian Parents Need To Teach Their Kids Apart From Sanskaar
Indians are known for their sanskaar and their family bonding and love. However, what happens when you suddenly realise that "Sanskaar" alone is not enough for you to lead a life? Here we reveal to you the things that Indian parents ...
Important Lessons Indian Parents Need To Teach Their Kids
How Can Tongue Tie Affect A Baby
Tongue tie is a clinical condition in which an unusually brief, tight or thick band of tissue tethers the lowest part of the tongue's tip to the ground of the mouth, which is capable of interfering with breastfeeding. Tongue tie is ...
How Can Tongue Tie Affect Baby
A Guide To Help You Read To Your Baby
When you think of the activities that you can do with your baby, you think of cuddling her, feeding her and playing with her. Reading probably does not even feature on the exhaustive list of things that you plan on doing ...
How To Wean Your Baby: Age By Age Guide
If you are a breastfeeding mother, you are very much familiar with the difficulties that come with breastfeeding. But when the time comes to wean your baby off of breast milk, you will learn that it poses a different set of ...
How To Wean Your Baby Age By Age Guide
Nutritional Requirements For 8 Months To 1-year-old Babies
Your baby is growing at a tremendous rate. He/she is developing mentally and physically faster than any period of time in his/her lifetime. Your baby's brain works hard to absorb and learn about the world around him/her. His/her body is working ...
What And How To Feed An Eight Month To One Year Baby
Foods That Bring Strength To Baby's Feet
When your little one was born, you might have been mesmerized by the tiny feet and the little toes. The pink little legs of your baby are really adorable and cute. Feet play an important role in the lifetime of a ...
Changes That Happen Once A Woman Stops Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is one of the most cherished parts of having a baby. Most moms would tell you that they loved breastfeeding inspite of the many challenges they may have faced through the process of getting accustomed to it. Though the baby ...
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