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Can Noise Affect The Foetus Or The Newborn?
Many women work in noisy surroundings, such as working with machines, loud music, crowds of people, guns, trucks, sirens or airplanes. Working in a noisy surrounding, especially, when you are pregnant, can affect your hearing and stress levels and may also ...
Can Noise Affect The Foetus Or The Newborn

Exposure To Noise Pollution For Long Can Cause This
Is your bedroom next to a noisy street? Beware, according to a study, long-term exposure to a noisy environment, particularly at night may be associated with infertility in men. The researchers found that regular exposure to night noise level above or ...
7 Surprising Things That Could Ruin Your Hearing Ability!
During your younger days, your parents would have asked you to stop listening to too much loud music as that habit could potentially harm your hearing, right? Well, when we are younger (sometimes even when we are adults), we may indulge ...
Things That Can Ruin Your Ability To Hear
Normal Noises From Your Body
We all have faced certain awkward situations when our body suddenly in the middle of no where has made certain noises. We have been embarrassed during these situations and wondered what could have caused such noises. I am sure you have ...
Normal Noises From Your Body
Does Noise Hamper A Kid's Grasping Power?
When your toddler fails to grasp new words, then you must first notice certain conditions like distractions in the learning environment. When noises from TV, music system, traffic or other sounds are present in the learning environment, then the kid may ...
What Makes A House Feel Haunted
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”- there are lots of controversy regarding Hamlet’s statement to Horatio. It is a debatable issue whether ghosts exist or not, but many people has sensed ...
What Makes A House Feel Haunted
Get Rid Of Noisy Ears By These 14 Remedies
The medical term for ringing of ears is tinitus. What is tinnitus? In this condition there is continuous ringing, whistling, buzzing or sizzling sound in ears. This is a very annoying condition as it diminishes hearing due to constant ringing in ...
Smoking, Obesity May Lead To Hearing loss
A new study has found that obesity and smoking could be linked to permanent loss of hearing. However, the study, led by Erik Fransen in Professor Guy Van Camp's research team at the University of Antwerp, also showed that alcohol has a protective effect. ...
Smoking Obesity Hearing Loss
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