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How Lord Krishna Killed Kamsa: The Story Of Kamsa Vadh
Lord Krishna played every role with flair. He acted perfectly as a kid, a lover, a statesman, an advisor and a warrior. While many kings thought he was capable of becoming a king and offered him their kingdoms, he decided against ...
How Lord Krishna Killed Kamsa Story Of Kamsa Vadha

Mahabharata: People You Should Never Tell Your Secrets To
Mahabharata is a source of inspiration for anyone and everyone who is at the crossroads of life. The situations and incidents narrated in the epic are such that everybody can relate to. The largest epic that consists of 100,000 shlokas in ...
Mahabharata Never Share Your Secrets With These People
Bhishma Ashtami, The Death Anniversary Of Bhishma Pitamah
A great warrior, a man of his words and an inspiring leader, Bhishma Pitamah was not just a great character in the Mahabharata, but also became a historical figure who will continue to be remembered for ages and forever. The uncle ...
Why Did Duryodhana Go To Heaven?
The common belief in the Hindu philosophy is that the actions of humans can be divided into two types: good Karma and bad Karma (also called Punya and Paap, respectively). Good Karma is that which is done for the benefit of ...
Why Did Duryodhana Go Heaven
The Story Of Arjuna's Pride And An Ascetic
Arjuna knew that victory in the battle of the Mahabharata would not have been possible without the help of Lord Krishna. He felt lucky for being so dear to him, that the Lord himself helped them throughout the battle. In fact, ...
Krishna Forgave A 100 Mistakes Committed By Shishupala!
First born as Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha, then as Ravana and Kumbhakarna, and then again as Kansa and Shishupal, these two were actually Jaya and Vijaya, the servants of Lord Vishnu, who had been cursed to be born as demons and meet ...
Krishna Forgave A 100 Mistakes Committed By Shishupala
Why Rishi Durvasa Cursed Apsara Vapu
Overconfidence Of The (Apsara) Nymph Lead Her To Be Cursed By Sage Durvasa A Proceeding At Indra's Court Once there was a court gathering in the Nandanvan, the court of Lord Indra. Many nymphs were also present there, some of them ...
The Qualities Of Krishna That You Must Admire
Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He took birth on earth in order to establish the rule of Dharma, that is righteousness. When the sins had increased to an uncontrollable height, he came as the saviour of his ...
How Arjuna Took Revenge From His Enemy Without Killing Him
Ashwathama Committed A Sin Killing an unarmed man, a woman, a child and an insane is considered as one of the worst sins in Hinduism. Whosoever commits this sin, loses all their wealth, reputation and power, as is believed in Hinduism. ...
How Arjuna Took Revenge From His Enemy Without Killing Him
The Real Reason Why Droupadi Had Five Husbands
The law of Hindu marriage says that polygamy is a punishable offense. It was not so earlier, if we refer to the ancient holy scriptures of the Hindus. However, the women in the Hindu religion were not allowed to have more ...
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