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Thirukkural-On Wise Friendship-Kural-451
Sitrinam anjum perumai sirumaithaanSutramaach soolndhu vidumMen of worth keep away from vulgar associations,Which to the mean are their own kinNoble souls fear association with the mean, but mean persons revel in the company of the vulgar. Great men will never ...

Thirukkural-On Wise Friendship-Kural-450
Pallaar pakaikolalir paththadutha theemaitheNallaar thodar kaividal.It is foolish surely to incur enmity of many foes,But ten times worse to lose righteous friends.Losing the friendship of the wise and virtuous men around him, would be ten times worse than incurring the enmity ...
Thirukkural-On Wise Friendship-Kural-449
Mudhalilaarkku uoodhiyam illai madhalaiyaamSaarpilaarkku illai nilaiWithout capital there is no return, and no stabilityWithout the support of the wise and virtuous.Just as without investment of capital, there will be no profit or interest by way of return, there will be no ...
Thirukkural-On Wise Friendship-Kural-448
Idippaarai illaadha aemaraa mannanKeduppaar ilaanum kedum.Without courageous counselors to point out his fault and so protect him, A king will ruin himself, even without foes.Machiavelli says in the 'Prince", which is a pragmatic European treatise on State-craft, which is similar to ...
Thirukkural-On Wise Friendship-Kural-445
Soolvaar kanaaka olukalaan mannavanSoolvaaraichch soolindhu kolalAs the king’s counselors are effectively his own eyes,He should choose them wiselyK M Balasubramaniam quotes from Diogenes to say that “Wise kings generally have wise counselors, and he must be wise man himself, who is ...
Thirukkural-On Wise Friendship-Kural-443
Ariyavatru lellaam aridhe periyaaraipPaenith thamaraak kolalIt is the rarest of all rare privileges for a good king,To have the wise and great as his true friends.A good king is one, who is wise enough to count as his own friends, the ...
Thirukkural-On Wise Friendship-Kural-442
Utranoy neekki utraamai murkaakkumPetriyaarp paenik kolal The king should cherish the friendship of wise and accomplished persons, for solving present problems and preventing future ills.A wise king will have among his friends and advisers proven persons, capable in the ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-Avoidance Of Faults-Kural-441
Aranarindhu mootha arivudaiyaar kaenmaiThiranarindhu thaerndhu kolalThe king should carefully and selectively opt for the friendshipOf ethically oriented and wise counselors.A good king will choose as his friends and advisers ethically oriented wise men of ripe scholarship, who have ‘grown old in ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-Avoidance Of Faults-Kural-440
Kaadhala kaadhal ariyaamai uykkiripinAethila Aeilaar nool.If the king is resourceful enough to enjoy his delights in secret,His enemies’ machinations will be of no avail.This translation is based on V V S Iyer’sIt is an advice definitely intended for the king, particularly ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Kingship-Kural 390
Kodaiyali senkoal kudiyoambal naangumUdaiyaanaam vaendhark koli.The leading light among kings has the four attributes of generosity, graciousness,Justice and concern for the citizen’s welfare.Obviously, Valluvar would consider liberality, gracious behaviour, uprightness in metting out justice and genuine concern for the protection and ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Kingship-Kural 389
Cevikaippachch sorporukkum panbudai vaendhanKavikaik keelthangum ulahuA king of quality, who accepts well-meant, though bitter criticism, with patience and forbearance,Will find all the world rallying to his banner.Most rulers resent criticism. They only like to hear pleasing falsehoods and flattery. In ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-On Kingship-Kural 388
Muraiseydhu kaapaatrum mannavan makkatkuIrai enru vaikkappadumThe king who protects his people rendering justice,according to the laws of the land,Will be hailed as the divine Lord, by his subjects.The operative phrase here is 'Murai Seythu' (Muraiceytu) which implies adherence to certain norms ...
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