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All The Reasons Why Men Should Get A Pedicure
'It is not a guys thing'-You no longer can give the excuse. The beauty world has become more accommodating today and it is for the better. Men pampering themselves is no longer a hush-hush matter. When it comes to pedicure, it ...
Benefits Of Pedicure For Man

How To Use Vitamin C Serum In Your Skin Care Routine
Vitamin C serum is 'The' buzzing product in skincare. Vitamin C is an ingredient in skincare that has been used in various formulations and products. From your moisturiser to night creams, vitamin C is used in many forms. But, the serum ...
Quarantine Challenge- Day 4- A Nourishing Body Scrub
How is self-quarantine treating you? We are in day 4 of the lockdown and going strong. Pampering yourself is a great way to make the quarantine time less taxing and more productive. During this crucial time, giving your body a treat ...
How To Use Body Scrub A Step By Step Guide
How Often Should You Get Facial Done To See Visible Results
Skincare is an everyday job. If you want flawless skin, that is. Your basic skin care needs are completed by the three-step skincare routine- you know, the usual- cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. If you want to move a step ahead from ...
How To Choose The Right Shade Of Concealer
Concealer is an important and vital part of a make-up look. No make-up look is complete without the powerful backing of a concealer. It gives the make-up a flawless finish and saves us the trouble of worrying about those nasty dark ...
How To Choose The Right Shade Of Concealer
The Right Way To Cover Up Your Pimples Using Make-up
Pimples somehow have the worst timing ever. You have great skin days with clear, smooth and flawless skin and one fine morning you wake up with a nasty pimple on the face. We often wonder how does that happen overnight. The ...
How To Hide Pimples With Makeup
How To Trim Your Beard Like A Pro- The Easy Guide
Growing a beard is just the beginning. The real task starts after that. And that is to maintain a healthy-looking beard. Those who have beard will definitely relate to that. Your beard can not be left to its own devices. Beard ...
What Is Keratin Treatment And Is It Good For Hair?
Frizzy, unruly hair is difficult to manage. And in order to manage it, we end up damaging our hair even more. And thus comes the need for hair treatments. Hair treatments such as smoothening and rebonding are fairly common these days. ...
Is Keratin Treatment Good For The Hair
10 Amazing Ways To Use Highlighter On The Face
Who doesn't love the Goddess-like glow that people can't help but compliment! Highlighter is the make-up product that gives you that glow. And that is the reason why make-up lovers swear by the highlighter. Whether you are wearing a full face ...
Ways To Manage Your Thyroid Naturally
Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in your neck, which produces several hormones that have an impact on your metabolism function, hair growth, menstrual cycle and energy levels. When there is an abnormal production of thyroid hormones, thyroid problems occur. There ...
How To Manage Thyroid Naturally
How To Use Lip Scrub For Luscious Lips
Lip scrubs are not a skincare product we go gaga over. We see them, we are a little curious about them but then we also don't feel the need to use a lip scrub. Oh boy, we are going to change ...
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